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3 Smart Locks that Cannot be Picked

3 Smart Locks that Cannot be Picked

Do you have a family member who’s constantly misplacing their keys? Are you a landlord that’s tired of paying for lock changes and rekeying services between tenants? The experts at QuickPro Locksmith have been providing professional services in Atlanta, Suwanee, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta and other surrounding metro area communities for many years. We help our fellow home and business owners keep their properties secure using the latest high security lock technology, and want you to have the same opportunity. If you’re ready for a security upgrade, it might be time for you to enter the futuristic world of smart locks. While these amazing devices are often touted for their convenience and sleek appearance, there’s an even better feature that doesn’t get as much attention. Most traditional pin and tumbler cylinder locks are easily bypassed by anyone with a cheap bump key or lock picking tool set. That means all it takes to break into the majority of homes in America is a $10 bill and a few YouTube tutorials. Many smart locks feature a variety of ways to enter the property including RFID, touchpad, biometrics and conventional keys. To get the highest security benefit, you need to make sure you choose a model with zero key access. While there may be many to choose from, we’ve provided a list of 3 well tested and popular key free smart locks that can help you avoid a break in. 

Lockitron Bolt 

Price: $99

Lockitron is a smart lock with incredible software and an excellent price point. The app has a log of all the people who have locked and unlocked your door, and you can add and remove who can access the property with the push of a button. If you want to create a “key” for a friend that’s just come into town, all you have to do is add them to your list and they will be granted access. This lock has become very popular for businesses, landlords and Airbnb users. 

Yale Security 

Price: $274 - $486

Yale has many different smart locks, but their line of Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolts put a stop to bump keys and lock picking tools. Customers can choose between Z-Wave or Zigbee compatable models, as well as many beautiful and sleek finishes like satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze. They also work with Amazon’s Alexa for even more convenience. You can create up to 250 different codes and can control the lock from any web-enabled device including smart phones, tablets and laptops.


Price: $149 - $279

All three of August’s smart locks are completely keyless and offer a range of exciting features including door sense (which alerts you if your door isn’t closed properly) and auto lock and unlock as you enter and leave your home. The most advanced model they offer is the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect which also can be integrated with Echo, Alexa, Siri and Google Home. In addition, the Lock Pro + Connect allows remote access controls via phone app. August also offers affordable accessories that can increase security even more. The Doorbell Cam Pro will let you see and speak to visitors or family members as they come home. It also records anyone who attempt to open your door, which will allow you to identify any criminal who tries to break in. 

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