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4 Tips to Ensure Your Lock Operates Correctly
4 Tips to Ensure Your Lock Operates Correctly

4 Tips to Ensure Your Lock Operates Correctly

4 Tips to Ensure Your Lock Operates Correctly

A good door lock may be one of the physical deterrents you have for burglars at your home. However, procrastinating lock maintenance can make it difficult to close or open. Just as any machine deteriorates, locks lose their performance capability over time and some might even break down. Lock failure can lead to problems in accessing your building, as well as security threats, among other inconveniences. 

At QuickPro Locksmith, our desire is for your locks to work perfectly and to meet all your security expectations. Therefore, read this article to learn practical tips on how to ensure your locks operate correctly. In case you have any lock or security challenges, do not hesitate to call our professional locksmiths for lock replacement, repair, or security upgrade.

Lubricate Your Locks

It is good practice to lubricate your locks regularly to avoid their sticking and hardness towards turning. Always ensure to wash away excess dirt with soap and then apply grease on the locks. Use a dry lubricant such as graphite powder into the keyhole applying with a precision applicator for the lock’s inner part. Insert the key and rotate it in both directions so that all the lubricating material spreads out evenly throughout the cylinder. Keep repeating to make sure that it reaches every movable part.

Wipe off the excess oil using a clean cloth after lubricating. It ensures the proper functioning of the locks and also protects them from damage as well as wear and tear in the future. Hinges can be lubricated using siliceous-based materials like silicon and petroleum.

Clean Locks the Right Way

Clean your locks well to make sure that they look good from the outside. Cleaning should be done using water applied to a soft cloth. Use a delicate detergent if you decide to use soap because petroleum-based items erode with time.

Upgrade to High-Quality Locks

Improve safety and durability through quality locks from known manufacturers. Think of modern solutions with high-tech features to repel intruders effectively.

Proper Care of Keys

Handle each of these with care to preserve both your lock and keys. Do not try to forcefully pull the closing door or twist a strong key because this would cause damage to the two components that are key and lock. Be gentle when using the keys, do not push nor force them out to be safe about the problematic cases of doors.

Having known the 4 tips to make your lock operate correctly, what then causes keys to jam in a lock?

What Causes Your Key to Jam in a Lock?

The teeth of keys can get trapped in internal lock pins resulting in binding. These pins trap the key when they are matched to them and therefore make it difficult to move or turn. It typically results from a malfunctioning or misaligned lock device. Key getting stuck is another common issue that could be prevented by regular lubrication.

Let us Help Fortify Your Security

Applying these tips in your normal maintenance program will lengthen the life of your lock and enhance the safety of your premises. Remember though, a good working lock always guards your possessions and allows you to have peace of mind.

Reach for a locksmith when in need of lock replacement services right away. Get in touch with QuickPro Locksmith for your trusted locksmith needs.