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5 Everyday Items that Criminals Can Use to Break into Your Home

5 Everyday Items that Criminals Can Use to Break into Your Home 

Are you still using those minimum standard pin and tumbler locks that came with your door? You may be putting your home or business at risk. Today’s international, digitally connected marketplace has made it easier than ever before for criminals to gain access to cheap lock picking tools and bump keys. Even novice thieves can use these items to break into your front or back door within seconds. However, many burglars don’t even bother with advanced tools, because there are many household items they can use to get inside just as easily. At QuickPro Locksmith, we provide residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services in Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Chamblee, Brookhaven, Smyrna and other metro area neighborhoods. We strive to help our Atlanta area neighbors have a safe and secure place to live, work and drive. Along the way, we’ve seen some interesting ways that criminals have used to gain entry to private properties. Here are just a few of the most incredible:

Soda Can

Aluminum cans can be easily cut and folded into shims that will open almost any padlock or combination locks. Two “M” shaped strips are cut from the body of the soda can, and folded into a “T”. the folded arms are then wrapped around the “U” shaped arms, and the middle portion is placed into the circles that go into the lock body. The shims are then twisted until the lock pops open. Criminals can use this method to break into storage units and sheds or to bypass padlocked security gates.


A regular metal paperclip can be unfolded and shaped into a “raking tool” like those found in lock picking tool kits. 

Bobby Pins

Two bobby pins can be twisted to form a lock picking duo that can force a standard lock open in no time. One pin is formed into an “L” shaped wrench by cutting off a portion of one of the prongs, which puts the right amount of pressure on the lock cylinder. The second pin has its rubber layer removed and is used as the pick. 

Credit Card

Credit cards, cut drink bottles and almost any thin piece of hard plastic can be used to pry the lock’s throw from the door jamb.


A plain old knife can be used in the same way as the credit card. While this may leave a few extra scratches behind, it’s an old trick that’s still used today. Unfortunately, this can be one of the most dangerous, as the criminal will already be armed with a weapon in hand when entering your property. 

How Can You Improve Your Door Lock’s Security? 

Do you want locks that can defend themselves against lock picking techniques of all kinds? Thankfully, there are steps that home and business owners can take to upgrade their protection. High security locks and deadbolts are made from heavy duty materials, have improved cylinders with security pins and often come with deeper throws that keep thieves from sliding credit cards through the doorway. Door Reinforcements can also make it more difficult for burglars to bust the door down using physical force. Today’s high tech world also offers innovative alternatives. Smart locks allow you to bypass keys altogether by integrating your home’s locks with your cell phone. There are several options available and many provide great benefits like 24/7 surveillance and the ability to control your locks remotely. If you really want to keep the bad guys off your property, you can integrate biometric capabilities into your system, which requires fingerprints, facial recognition or retinal scanning in order to gain access.

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