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Amazing Auto Security Systems
Amazing Auto Security Systems

Amazing Auto Security Systems

Amazing Auto Security Systems

Are you concerned about the rising crime rate in your neighborhood? Have there been multiple reports of theft and vandalism at your company’s parking garage? Then you’re probably searching for some creative ways to increase the security of your favorite car. At QuickPro Locksmith, we enjoy providing high quality residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services for local metro Atlanta area clients. Here is a list of some of the most well trusted and top of the line auto security systems to consider.

BMW Protection Vehicles 

Are you concerned about more than just random threats of car burglaries? If you live, work or travel in very dangerous areas, where gun fire and severe hostilities abound, then a BMW Protection Vehicle offers one of the best options for civilians. Celebrities, diplomats and individuals who simply want to be prepared for anything will absolutely fall in love with its incredible features including state of the art ballistic protection and extremely high safety standards. 


Since OnStar is already integrated with many vehicle models, it’s a good idea to invest in their services. With the push of a button, you will be instantly connected to a live person who can answer any questions you have, and assist with contacting police, towing services, mobile locksmiths and more. It’s an excellent security feature to have available for security in general, but also in the case of an accident or medical emergency. 


LoJack is a unique security option that uses radio frequency to locate and identify stolen vehicles or other property. Since it is already integrated with law enforcement networks, police can quickly recover your stolen car very quickly in most cases. 


Viper is a company that provides several different smart alarms for cars, motorcycles and a variety of recreational vehicles. The system can be controlled, monitored and located via your smartphone remotely. It will alert you the instant someone attempts to break into your car, giving you a head start to recover the vehicle and potentially identify the criminal. 


VINShield offers protection from theft in a very creative way, by etching the federal vehicle identification number (also known as VIN number) onto your windshield. At first glance, that might not seem like a big deal. However, professional thieves almost always steal cars so they can sell it quickly or break it down and use it for parts. To do this successfully without suspicion, most criminals will try to change the VIN number. Since VINShield creates a permanent stamp of the true VIN number on all glass in the car, this is impossible to do. Therefore, VINShield is a massive deterrent for most carjackers. 

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