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Best Door Knobs for Arthritis Hands
Best Door Knobs for Arthritis Hands

Best Door Knobs for Arthritis Hands

Best Door Knobs for Arthritis Hands

Arthritis is a condition affecting several people worldwide. For those affected by this joint pain or disease, everyday tasks like opening doors can be challenging. Fortunately, there are door handles designed to ease this difficulty.

These handles offer numerous advantages, particularly for older adults experiencing the discomfort of arthritis in their hands. There is a variety of lever door handles to choose from. It is essential to recognize that some handles are specifically tailored for people with arthritis, featuring characteristics that are vital depending on the level of discomfort and specific symptoms. And, as a general practice, stay in contact with a qualified locksmith for any door-related needs. Here are some of the recommended door knobs.

Door Handle Extender

Enhance the door accessibility by transforming your doorknob into a door handle using this extension device. Simply install it on top of the knob. This modification allows the user to push down the lever for door opening, eliminating the need for twisting a knob. It is particularly beneficial for people experiencing finger pain or difficulty due to hand arthritis. Securing this door handle extender to the doorknob requires a screwdriver, but installation takes less than 5 minutes. Consider the help of a locksmith for installation if you do not have the tools and technical knowledge.

Schlage Latitude Lever

The Schlage Latitude Lever is a modern and sleek lever-style door handle renowned for its user-friendliness. Featuring a reversible lever, it suits both left and right-handed users. Its straightforward design and adjustable resistance make it an excellent choice for those dealing with arthritis.

Manual Door Closer

Effortlessly close doors with the inclusion of a T-handle near the hinge. This equipment is designed to serve as an accessible door handle, especially beneficial for people with mobility challenges. It can be installed on either the interior or exterior of a door, offering a reachable handle for door closure. The T-shaped handle provides a larger surface area for an easier grip, making door closing simpler for those with arthritic hands. Its proximity to the hinge means doors can be closed without having to reach for the knob and swiftly step through the doorway as the door swings closed.

Yale Assure Lever Lock

For keyless entry, the Yale Assure Lever Lock is an outstanding choice. It combines a lever handle with advanced security features, including optional touchscreen or keypad access, as well as integration with home automation systems.

Automatic Handicap Door Opener with Remote

Experience the convenience of automatic door opening by simply pressing a wall-mounted handicap button or using the remote control. This accessibility feature can be installed on most doors to convert them into handicap-accessible entryways.

The door remains open for a set duration, allowing safe passage for wheelchair users, people with arthritis, or those with mobility difficulties without the door closing on them. If additional time is needed, the portable remote control can be used to activate the opening mechanism once more. Consider hiring a reliable locksmith for installation assistance.

Do You Need Door Knob Enhancement?

Living with arthritis can pose unique challenges, but choosing the right doorknobs can make a substantial difference in the daily lives of those dealing with this condition. For your door lock replacement, don't hesitate to contact QuickPro Locksmith for assistance.