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Best Ways to Secure a Bedroom Door
Best Ways to Secure a Bedroom Door

Best Ways to Secure a Bedroom Door

Best Ways to Secure a Bedroom Door

During the design phase, homeowners give extra attention to the bedroom. The reason is simple – it is a place of refuge, relaxation, and security.

But that feeling of security can be disrupted if the lock is weak, or the door is easy to break.

It is therefore important to ensure that your bedroom door is locked from the inside, as a measure of preventing any intrusion of your privacy.

For peace of mind in the bedroom, QuickPro Locksmith gives out some tips on ways to secure the bedroom door.

1. Upgrade your Lock System

  • Install a Deadbolt Lock

A good quality deadbolt lock must be installed. These locks need a key on either side, as they are more secure compared to other locks. A skilled locksmith can help you with the installation.

  • Explore Smart Lock Options

They can work with voice or touch commands, and those who are tech-savvy can unlock the door using code or a smartphone application. You can also get them to synchronize with home safety systems, thus enhancing both safety and security.

2. Strengthening the Door Itself

  • Secure the Hinges

Loose hinges could cause some vulnerabilities on your door. Screw down existing hinges or change them with heavier ones that can be fastened with longer screws.

  • Door Frame Reinforcements

To further enhance the door, the metal frame reinforcements must be installed. These kits normally come with a metallic strike plate and an extended strike box that enhances the reinforcement of the complete door frame near the lock.

  • Consider a Security Bar

A security bar is a metal rod, which is placed inside of the door and leans upon the wall or floor to prevent break-in attempts. Select a security bar appropriate to the door type, whether it is a swinging inwards or outwards door. You can get a professional for high-security lock installation.

3. Consider Additional Security Measures

  • Door Alarms

Some of the door alarms are small in size and have battery power, which if installed on your bedroom door, would be effective. It has an extremely loud siren sound if the door is opened, while the alarm system is still active and not disabled.  A professional locksmith will help with its installation.

  • Door Security Cameras

Security cameras positioned in your room and facing the door will capture anyone who attempts to access the bedroom. You can opt for the ones with a night vision mode if the light is weak.

  • Privacy Film for Windows

If your bedroom has windows, use privacy film to cover the lower part of the window. This enables natural light into the room but at the same time, eliminates outside views that may not be welcomed.

Seek Professional Assistance

If you are unsure about DIY methods, then contact QuickPro locksmith. We will assess your needs and determine which of the security upgrades would be suitable for your bedroom door. We can also recommend high-security lock installation services.

Rounding Up

Having a locked bedroom door ensures privacy, security, and no more worries. However, it is crucial to point out that a protected bedroom contributes to the improvement of home security.

When you put these measures into practice, you will enhance security in the bedroom, and turn it into a secure, personal space.