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Choosing the Right Panic Bar for Your Business

Choosing the Right Panic Bar for Your Business

In 1903, a fire spread through a popular theater in Chicago. The Iroquois Theater was packed full on December 30, when an electrical spark ignited a raging fire that no one could stop. As the flames engulfed the entire building, the 2,000 men, women and children in attendance panicked and tried to flee. The building had one entrance at the front, and only a handful of exit doors inside. People fumbled with the locking mechanisms of potential exits and by the time the fire was extinguished over 600 people tragically lost their life. The incident created a wave of reforms across the world, as public buildings everywhere clambered to keep their stores, theaters and restaurants safe for customers and staff. In most cities in America, panic bars are now required for all commercial locations, though the details for regulations fluctuate significantly. At QuickPro Locksmith, we help businesses in Atlanta, Suwanee, Tucker, Dunwoody, Brookhaven and other metro area communities keep their buildings safe and secure. We want to help you do the same. Many business owners get overwhelmed when deciding which panic bars and exit devices are best for their unique needs. Here is a list of a few important considerations to make when searching for the right product.  

Do You Want External Access?

The first step should be to decide if you want the exit door to be accessed from the outside of the building? In some instances, people prefer for their panic doors to provide double duty as an extra entrance for customers or staff members. On the other hand, many business owners like to limit the number of entrances for security purposes. 

Panic Bar Style

The style of panic bar is also important, and largely depends on the company’s budget and the amount of foot traffic that occurs in the doorway. The most commonly used exit device types include rim, surface vertical rod, concealed vertical rod, mortise and mid-panel.

Do You Need an Alarm?

Another important factor is whether you want an alarm installed on your exit device. Of course, if the door will be used frequently, such a stairway, adding an alarm would be a bad idea. However, if the door’s intended use is primarily intended for emergency use, then getting an alarm could help you monitor break ins, or notify others in the building that someone has used the door. In the case of a fire or criminal intrusion, having an alarm could save lives by alerting everyone that an urgent situation is happening. 

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