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5 Commercial Door Locks That Will Fit Your Needs

5 Commercial Door Locks That Will Fit Your Needs 

Have you recently moved into a new office building? Are your current commercial locks outdated and in need of an upgrade? Thanks to advancements in technology and improvements in manufacturing, there have never been more choices available for business owners in the market for new locks. While this is a great achievement, it can also be overwhelming for owners and managers to narrow down their options and make the right decision. At QuickPro Locksmith, we provide premium commercial locksmith services for businesses in Atlanta, Suwanee, Decatur, Marietta, Alpharetta and other nearby metro area cities. If you are a local business who needs a little help navigating through the sea of lock systems, it might help to be aware of the various kinds of locks. Once you understand the benefits of each, you can then apply your new knowledge to help you choose locks that fit your unique needs and budget. 

Cylinder Levers

Cylinder levers are one of the most commonly used commercial locks available. Traditional knobs are great for homeowners, but can be slow to use and deteriorate more rapidly. Considering that most commercial settings have a lot of foot traffic, it makes since to use a lever instead. The basic cylinder locks are an excellent choice for budget conscious companies, and institutions that require multiple locks. They are relatively easy to install and provide a simple and affordable way to rekey for companies that require more access control. 

Mortise Locks

If you want commercial locks with a extra durability and security, then a mortise lock might be right for you. Rather than drilling a hole through the door, a mortise lock is fully embedded. Such locks make it more difficult for criminals to pry open. In addition, the components of a mortise lock are longer lasting than most alternatives. Though they are more expensive initially, their durability provides a high return on your investment. 


Padlocks are often used in commercial settings for gate enclosures, construction sites, warehouses and other situations. Unfortunately, many padlocks are unreliable for security purposes. A lot of minimum standard padlocks are easily picked, can be opened with a cheap bump key or bypassed with bolt cutters. If you need to use padlocks, it’s important to purchase a high security model that is made from durable metal and has a shrouded shackle. If the padlocked area contains highly valuable items or has frequent traffic, you might consider installing a more advanced lock system. 

Panic Bars

Almost all businesses require panic bars to be installed. Not having panic bars can not only put your employees and customers at risk during an emergency, but if a personal injury were to occur, the company could face a lawsuit. Avoid unnecessary risks by making sure that your panic bars work correctly. Installing alarms can provide extra protection, because it will notify others in the building that there is an urgent issue. They will be able to properly evacuate with less risk of harm. 

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems may be the newest options in the marketplace but their population is certainly rising quickly. Keyless locks come in many different forms, from basic manual keypads to high tech biometric and RFID enabled systems. Keyless locks can be a wonderful asset for commercial settings, because they allow multiple levels of access, without the need to duplicate keys. Codes can be changed easily as well, eliminating the need for regular rekeying services. 

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