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Commons Ways Burglary Will Enter Your Home
Commons Ways Burglary Will Enter Your Home

Commons Ways Burglary Will Enter Your Home

Commons Ways Burglary Will Enter Your Home

If you’re worried about your home being burglarized, you are not alone. Statistics have shown that a home burglary occurs about every 15 seconds in the U.S.  Luckily, there are measures you can put in place to protect your home from burglary. By understanding the common ways burglars will enter your home, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of being burglarized.

Here are some of the ways burglars break into homes:

Unlocked Door

While most break-ins involve some sort of forcible entry, nearly 40% of burglars gain access into houses through unlocked doors. Seasoned burglars know that most people do not double-check to make sure their front door is locked. So, it’s important to double-check to make sure you’ve locked your doors before you leave your house or before you go to bed.

Breaking Doors or Windows

Breaking doors or windows is another common way burglars break into homes. They usually target cheaper and poorly installed doors and windows. Burglars can smash in windows, kick the door open, or use a pry bar to open a door. First-floor windows are among the most likely entry points burglars will use to enter your home.

The most effective ways to avoid being burglarized through these points of entry are to install secondary locking mechanisms in your windows, install solid-core front doors, and keep the shrubs and vegetation around your house trimmed. Before leaving your house, ensure your windows are properly locked.


A fence with wooden slats can provide easy access to your home.  Climbable trees around your house can also provide burglars with a direct path to your home.  Ensure your fence is too high for burglars to climb and trim climbable trees in a way that intruders won’t be able to climb.


Many people leave ladders in their backyards without realizing that burglars can use them to gain access to their property. Be aware of items around your home that could be used to enter your home and take the necessary steps to secure your property.

Unlocked Garage

The garage door is a common point of entry in home break-ins. Many homeowners forget to lock their garage doors, especially when they are in a hurry. If you drive around your neighborhood, you are more likely to see at least one garage door that is left wide-open with no signs of activity around the home. An open garage door is an open invitation to would-be burglars. Seasoned burglars know that some people will forget to lock their garages, and they're always looking out for this security loophole.

Being aware of these common ways burglars enter your home is the first step to improving your home’s security.

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