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Effective Ways To Fix Door Knobs

Effective Ways To Fix Door Knobs

If fixing the doorknob is your main concern currently, we can give you good insights over how to fix your doorknob before you call an expert to look into it. The steps are simple and if you have, weekend free then you can easily do it. At any point of time, you feel that things are not falling in place you can immediately give a call to QuickPro Locksmith, who will come to you in no time and sort the mess out for you. QuickPro Locksmith is backed by experienced technicians who know in and out of every kind of doorknobs and will repair or replace your doorknob with great ease.

Before you end up investing your precious time in fixing the doorknob, you need to understand that not all doorknobs are same and hence a different technique and method is required to deal with two different knobs. You need to understand the doorknob and its mechanism that you are targeting and after getting to know about it, you can actually put in efforts and expect things to turn out your way.

The basic steps to fix doorknobs are:

1. Remove Dust

Half of your door problem will be solved once you are able to remove the jammed dust in the knob. For this, you need to expose the screws and with the help of items like baking soda, vinegar etc. you can completely clean the knob. Many people could make the knob functioning smooth just by removing the dust inside.

2. Replace parts

Once the dust has been removed and you feel that any of the part of the doorknob is not working then the next step is to replace that part with a new one. If you a little knowledge about the part, you can get it from the nearest shop and get it fixed yourself.

3. Tighten the connections

After the replacement of the damaged part, you need to fix the doorknob again in the whole so that it starts functioning. You need to tighten the connections with great care and any loose end here will make you pay a penalty later on. 

4. Door maintenance

It is not necessary that the problem is with the doorknob only; it may be possible that the door itself is demanding some maintenance. From the unlocked latches to the sticking door handles, anything can be a reason on door malfunctioning. Get your door checked.

5. Call for a complete replacement

If you feel things are not in your hands, this means that you cannot achieve the target on your own and you need an expert intervention to fix the door. If you are not sure of your fixes, you need to spend on some expert technician and get the things right.

6. Call QuickPro Locksmith

This is the time when you have to pick up the phone and call QuickPro Locksmith and we will send the desired technician who will fix the doorknob for you.