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How Do You Open a Lock without Breaking It?
How Do You Open a Lock without Breaking It?

How Do You Open a Lock without Breaking It?

How Do You Open a Lock without Breaking It?

Though keys are small handheld devices, they are critical components of residential and commercial properties. When it comes to cars, they must be available before one could gain access. However, if you consider problems demanding the attention of a locksmith, losing keys is the most common.

But you need to stay calm if there are issues with your keys. By applying some DIY methods, you can open the door using tools such as bobby pins, knives, Allen wrenches, and more. In this article, you will learn effective DIY methods for opening doors without causing more damage. Let's go!

Use a Bobby Pin

If you have a tumbler lock with pins inside, Bobby pins are the way to go. It will loosen and fall apart with a bit of manipulation of the pins. Get two bobby pins, a flexible one that can bend easily. Did you see the round tips on the tip of the pins? Yank it off.

Take one of the pins and bend it into an L-shaped pin while you straighten one. Drive it into the locks to locate a pin. Once found, lift the pin you located. As you continue doing this, the pins will align and then rotate to open the door lock.

Try picking With a Knife

A knife always works during emergencies. Find a knife, maybe from a neighbor next door. Insert the knife in that tiny space between the door and the jamb. Then move it up and down through the area. While doing this, apply a little pressure but gently to avoid spoiling the lock.

Using a Hex Wrench to Poke The Keyhole

The Hex (Allen) wrench is a tool used to open a lock that doesn't have a key without breaking it. Hex wrench comes in various sizes. All you need to do is get the one that you can insert inside your door's keyhole.

Insert the wrench into the keyhole. Drive it deep inside. As you push it in, turn the wrench that is already deep-seated inside in various directions. Continue doing this until the latch becomes weak and the lock gives way and unlocks.

Use Your Screwdriver

The screwdriver is the perfect equipment to open many doors. On the lock, there is usually a space between the frame and the door. Push the screwdriver into that space. The next step is to rotate the screwdriver clockwise and then in an anti-clockwise manner. Keep turning until there is a clicking sound.

Hire a Trained Locksmith

If you cannot apply any of the methods above, the last option is to seek a professional automotive locksmith for a lockout service. Trained locksmiths have access to locking tools, so you are sure they have the tools and expertise to unlock the door.

There are many advantages to using a locksmith – they are affordable, fast, and always effective. Therefore, letting a trained locksmith handle your lock is a perfect idea.


There is always a way out of your lockout issues. You can use the self-help methods listed above or consult a locksmith. Speaking of which, QuickPro Locksmiths are always available to help you during lockout emergencies. You can also schedule security system evaluation and maintenance service with us. Call us to enjoy top-quality services.