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How Frequently Should A Business Rekey Their Locks?
How Frequently Should A Business Rekey Their Locks?

How Frequently Should A Business Rekey Their Locks?

How Frequently Should A Business Rekey Their Locks?

The security of your business is more important than ever. With burglars constantly keeping an eye out for vulnerabilities in your business’s locking mechanism, it’s important to go the extra mile to safeguard its security. Foolproof locks on your doors, file cabinets, safes, and other areas that make use of locks can give you confidence knowing your business is protected against unauthorized access.

But how often should businesses rekey their locks and why?

Rekeying locks is not something businesses do frequently, but there are scenarios when you should rekey your locks.

Ideally, businesses should rekey their locks anywhere from 1 year to three years, but this depends on many factors, including a business’s security needs. If you haven’t rekeyed your locks for more than 3 years, it’s about time you rekeyed your locks.

Here are the scenarios when it’s a good idea to rekey your business’s locks:

  • Lost Keys

Whether your keys have been stolen from you or you lose them, it’s advisable to rekey your locks as soon as possible. Your keys could be in the hands of someone with bad intentions, so the right thing is to call a certified locksmith and have them rekey your locks.

  • You’ve Moved

It’s always a good idea to rekey your locks when you move into a new business premises. Previous occupants might have copies of the existing locks. It’s advisable to immediately rekey locks to ensure you’re the only one who has keys to your business.

  • Upgrades

If you want to upgrade your locks to improve their functionality and enhance their effectiveness, you can have a locksmith rekey the locks to implement those changes. Perhaps you’re looking to switch to a keyless entry system or have all your locks work with just one key. Rekeying may be necessary to apply those upgrades.

  • Intrusion Or Break-In

If you’ve been a victim of a break-in or attempted break-in, you really need to rekey the locks. Even if the burglars didn’t access your keys, you may not know what they did to your locks. Let a locksmith evaluate your locks and provide you with insights into what you should do to secure your business.

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  • Lock Damage

Everything with moving parts deteriorates over time. Like other mechanical things, your locks will experience wear and tear at some point or even malfunction. If your locks are starting to wear out, consider either rekeying or lock replacement. Be sure to seek advice from a locksmith on the best course of action if your locks have become outdated or faulty.

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The security of your business should always come first to avoid losses and liabilities. When you need an experienced locksmith to help you with rekeying your locks, call QuickPro Locksmith. We have an in-depth knowledge of nearly all kinds of locks and the right tools to secure your business.