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How to Avoid Car Lockouts
How to Avoid Car Lockouts

How to Avoid Car Lockouts

How to Avoid Car Lockouts

Have you ever been locked out of your car during an emergency or when you are running late for an important appointment? This can be very frustrating and emotional dampening! 

Despite the numerous innovations in terms of security and easy accessibility to our cars, many are still faced with the challenge of car lockout. Here, QuickPro Locksmith provided tips that will help prevent car lockout emergencies.

Make it a habit to always lock the car with the key fob and not from inside the car

Some people are fond of locking their cars using the lock button while inside the car; this makes it easy for you to forget your key inside the car. Locking the car using the key fob gives you an assurance that you haven’t locked the keys to your car inside the car. 

When you lock the car manually while inside, you might get distracted and forget to bring the keys out with you, hence the need to always lock the car using the key fob. Also it would be advisable to always check the battery of the fob, because a dead battery would mean you being locked out of the car. 

Have a designated place where you place your car keys. 

Presumably, you’re a busy person, it is recommended that you get more organized in a manner that allows you to have a permanent place where you keep your car key while at home or at work.  This way, you will be sure where to pick it during an emergency or while in a hurry. Having a permanent place to put your key helps you from misplacing it while running an errand or rearranging your table or home.

Make a copy or have a duplicate of your car keys.

If you are one who is susceptible to locking the key inside the car, it is advisable that you make a duplicate of your car key. Put the duplicate either in your wallet, purse or safe either at home or work. This will help you to have access to your car even when you make a mistake of locking the main key. This is one of the best options in case of an emergency.

Notwithstanding having extra keys made, you need simple access to them when you lock yourself out of your vehicle. Spots to put extra keys include: 

  • At home in an effectively open spot, incorporating the kitchen or in your room 
  • While it may appear to be repetitive, you can keep an extra key in your pocket or handbag. 

Have the contact information of a Locksmith 

Sometimes, we might lock experience lockout situations or be stuck in places far from home where our spare key is kept. That’s why you need a professional locksmith like QuickPro Locksmith at times like this. It will be a good idea to call a locksmith hence the importance of having the contact information stored in your phone so you can reach us at the press of a button. Call QuickPro Locksmith today and say goodbye to having yourself locked out.