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How to Avoid Internal Theft in Your Small Business

How to Avoid Internal Theft in Your Small Business 

While business owners and managers don’t enjoy assuming their employees might undermine the company, it’s important not to ignore the possibility. It is often much easier for a trusted employee to steal small amounts of cash and inventory without attracting attention. While a $20 bill and a couple of items off the shelf may not seem like a major deficit, a staff member who gets away with a crime will be more likely to repeat their behaviors in the future. Over time, a well-seasoned thief could effectively steal thousands of dollars from a business and remain virtually undetected. At QuickPro Locksmith, we help provide ways for businesses in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Stone Mountain and other nearby communities maximize their security efforts, and we want to do the same for you. Here are just a few actions you can take to protect yourself against internal theft. Atlanta Locksmtih

Conduct Thorough Background Checks Before Hiring a New Employee

An excellent way to decrease your chances of internal theft is by hiring employees that have no criminal history. While this step won’t completely eliminate the possibility that a staff member is likely to steal from you, it might improve your odds. Obviously, hiring someone that has a history of theft or criminal activity would not be a good idea, and it’s impossible to know if such a background exists without being diligent in your hiring process. 

Schedule More Than One Person

An employee who is working alone will be more tempted to steal. Try to keep at least two staff members on site, particularly during more vulnerable times such as opening and closing when the most cash is being handled. 

Use Security Cameras 

Have security cameras installed in areas where theft may be more prevalent. Place one anywhere that cash is being handled, such as over the register area or in a back office where the money is managed. If you own a retail store, make sure you also have a camera for all areas where products are displayed and stored. This will help deter employee issues as well as customer theft. 

Use Appropriate Software for Cash Transactions

Use a professional POS system for all transactions. This will ensure that employees can sign into their register during use and sign out before someone else takes over. Keeping track of who was in charge of the cash and credit card handling will make it easier to monitor any missing money. While small issues are sure to crop up occasionally, seeing a consistent pattern of disappearing funds will be a red flag that can lead you to the culprit. 

Protect Cash Drops, Valuable Inventory and Sensitive Data with a Safe or Secured Office

Fill the registers with the minimum amount of cash necessary for your average transactions. Have employees drop bills that are larger than $10 into a locked drop box or drawer that is accessible only by approved managers. Large cash deposits can be stored in a back safe when waiting to be taken to the bank. If you have particularly valuable inventory, sensitive company information or need to keep a large amount of cash on hand, you might want to keep items in an office with a high security lock system installed. Today’s marketplace offers affordable and effective solutions including biometric and RFID enabled smart locks. Having a professional locksmith company on your side will ensure that you have quality locks that are properly installed.

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