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How to Avoid Making Your Pet Door a Security Concern

How to Avoid Making Your Pet Door a Security Concern

Home owners often go the extra mile when it comes to securing their entrance doors. From high security deadbolts, to door reinforcements, most families want to deter local thieves from entering their home. At the same time, many households also have a cat or dog who enjoys going outside frequently. For many, a pet door is the ultimate solution, allowing their animals to go in and out at their own convenience, even when their owners are working a long shift or taking a weekend trip. Unfortunately, having a large opening on the front or back door could make your home an easy target for nearby criminals. At QuickPro Locksmith, we help our customers keep their home, valuables and loved ones safe from invaders. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your pet door well protected.  

Install a High Security Pet Door Model

High security covers can be purchased and set in place when you are away from home. Many homeowners however want their animals to be able to go in and out while their at work or on vacation. If that’s the case, then you may want to replace your existing pet door with an RFID version. Units like the SureFlap which uses an RFID chipped collar that automatically unlocks the pet door when they approach. This means your pet door will remain securely locked between use, yet your pet will be able to let themselves in and out without trouble. 

Use Smart Motion Sensor and Surveillance Technology 

It may also be a good idea to install Smart security devices as well. In today’s high tech world, there are many affordable options to choose from. Motion sensors, surveillance cameras, doorbells and lock systems can all be controlled via smart phone. When someone approaches your home, an alert will be sent to you regardless of your location. You will be informed right away that an intruder is attempting to break in, and you can call the authorities before the criminals realize your aware of their presence.

Implement Smart Locks for Your Entry Doors

If a criminal does gain access to your house through the pet door, there’s a good chance that they will expect to let themselves out through the lock. When you have traditional deadbolts and key cylinder locks installed, then this will be the case. However, if you install smart locks that are controlled by your phone app, they won’t be able to escape without breaking a window. The thief will likely have a difficult time getting your TV or desktop computer out of the doggy door or window panel. When used in combination with a smart security system which are often integrated with Bluetooth locks, then the criminal is much less likely to get away with the crime. They will be identified and if they do get down the street with your valuables, there’s a greater possibility that your stolen items will be returned. 

Looking for a High-Tech Pet Door or Smart Lock Installation in Atlanta? Call QuickPro 

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