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How to Choose the Right Business Safe

How to Choose the Right Business Safe

It’s lovely to have a good business plan, products, and services but having the right safe installed in your business location to secure valuables, sensitive documents, and other items will ensure your business stays on the track to success.

Though you may have an insurance policy in place, there are irreplaceable documents that must be protected against fire, theft and other disasters. Therefore, every business needs a safe, and before making your choice, you need to put the following into consideration.

  • The available space in your business location.
  • The value of the document or item to put in the safe.
  • What are you protecting them from – fire, thieves, or sustainability?
  • Where to buy the safe and who will service and maintain it?

From available statistics, about 18% of companies cannot furnish a financial statement when they lost their documents to fire, and a higher percentage (about 40%) goes out of business.

You wouldn’t want fire or burglary to push you out of business after investing enormous resources and time to build it. Call QuickPro Locksmith to help you make the correct choice.

Other factors to consider.

Size and volume of items that will be in the safe

The size of the items which the business safe will be protecting is directly proportional to the size of safe to buy. Then you need to know whether the quantity of the items will increase with time. Buying and installing a safe that could not contain the items or becomes inadequate for your needs in the foreseeable future is simply a waste of money.

You should also consider the value of the items that will be in the safe. If you wish to keep cash at your business place, you need to install a high-quality burglary safe. You can call QuickPro Locksmith, for a recommendation on the right burglary safes that will fit your need.

The lock mechanism of the safe

Considering the lock mechanism of the safe is another important issue when buying a safe. The lock mechanism determines whether it could be easily broken into by burglars. There are two main lock mechanisms for safes:

  Mechanical dial locks

Safes with mechanical dial locks are more affordable, but their vulnerability is high. More so, you need to be very careful with their passcodes.

  Electronic lock mechanism

This is highly recommended for protecting cash. The newer models have sensors and other features that could help in securing your money, sensitive documents, pieces of jewelry and other items.

Fireproof ratings

Getting safes with high fire resistance rating is an ideal thing to do for your business, and it is one of the considerations while filing for insurance claims after a fire disaster. Fireproofs in safes comes in time increments. While some safes can protect its content from fire for an hour, there are other with higher fire-resistant ratings which can keep items for two hours and more under fire

There is an increase in white-collar crimes, so getting a safe is an invaluable asset to the sustainability of your business. Call QuickPro Locksmith now, and we will help you make the right choice of safe and focus on improving other aspects of your business.