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How to Know If It’s Time for A Door Replacement
How to Know If It’s Time for A Door Replacement

How to Know If It’s Time for A Door Replacement

How to Know If It’s Time for A Door Replacement

At QuickPro Locksmith, we make it our mission to deliver quality locksmith services in Atlanta GA so that our community has reliably secure property. In today’s age, it can be easy to get lost in all of the high-tech security options and forget the fundamentals. Though we are proponents of advanced security options, we always remind our customers about the basics such as having reliable deadlocks and sturdy doors. After all, what good is motion-sensor lighting or video surveillance if your locks can be picked in under a minute? To keep your property save, we have put together this article to help you determine if it is time for a door replacement.
If you have any particular questions or if you would like to hire a qualified locksmith for door lock and key replacement services, then feel free to call QuickPro Locksmith. Our live representatives and professional locksmiths are always ready and happy to help.

Damaged Doors

Dingy and dented doors are not just aesthetically unappealing. They can be signs of weak security. Dents along the frame, for example, can provide room for intruders to play with the locks. More serious damage includes rotting and rust. Take a screwdriver and push against areas of the door you suspect is rotting. If it punctures or is soggy, then you have a problem. It is going to be very easy for a trespasser to enter your property if the only thing in their way is a rotting wooden door. Replace that door with a fresh wooden door or a heavy-duty metal one.

Dysfunctional Doors

Your door has a simple job of opening and closing while the locks have the task of securing the door in place. If your door is scraping against the frame or it is taking an enormous amount of energy to shove the door open or shut, then it might be time to replace that door. Expansion and contraction in wooden doors especially are almost inevitable. If your doors are so warped that its basic functionality is in trouble, then go ahead and get it replaced.

Faulty Seals

Your door keeps intruders out, but it also keeps out the elements such as rain, snow, and wind. A properly installed door will be sealed shut to avoid drafts as well as bug infestations. If your door is not sealed fully, then you may be losing some serious money on energy bills as the heat enters your home during the summer and escapes your home during the winter. Replacing your door can improve your building’s energy efficiency.


If the door in question is at a commercial property, then you are surely considering all of your potential customers. If you want a welcoming business environment, then make sure your doors are accessible. Installing a larger door with keyless locks or handles that are opened without turning can make your business an inviting one for customers with disabilities. It also makes entry into your building easier for those with baby strollers.