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How to Make Sure Your Classic Car is Safe from Criminals

How to Make Sure Your Classic Car is Safe from Criminals

Almost all modern vehicle models are manufactured with transponder key systems, which is why there has been a significant reduction in carjacking over the last few decades. Unfortunately, when you own a classic car, these systems haven’t been installed, and many criminals know it. Classic cars are extremely valuable, and those who haven’t properly secured their favorite weekend ride can easily become a victim. At QuickPro Locksmith, we help residents, businesses and drivers in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area keep their property safe from theft. Do you want to keep your vintage vehicle secure? Here are a few tips and tricks that can provide an extra layer of protection. 

Upgrade Your Outdated Locks with a Keyless Entry System

Though some extensive wiring work may be required for certain models, installing a keyless entry system can be well worth the effort. After your keyless entry system has been put in place, you’ll have the same protection as any modern car that’s fresh off the assembly line. Locksmith in Smyrna

Use a Smart Alarm that Provides Alerts via Mobile App

Smart alarms are another beneficial upgrade. Traditional alarms that simply blare a siren call when provoked are no longer as effective as they once were. Most people have become desensitized towards hearing these blaring alarms and assume a toddler has pressed the panic button or a bystander walked a little too close to the driver’s side door. If you want an alarm system that can really be effective, consider getting one that sends alerts to your phone. If you’re walking around the grocery store or sitting in your office, you’ll be notified right away that someone has triggered the alarm, and can then take immediate action. 

Install a Tracking Device for Fast and Easy Recovery

Sometimes, being notified of a theft isn’t enough. If the criminal has taken off with your classic car before you could arrive at your parking spot, then there’s a good chance you’ll never see it again. However, if you’ve installed a GPS or radio tracking system, then the police will have the right tools to follow and catch the carjacker red handed. And you’ll have much better odds at getting your car and all its contents back quickly. 

Replace Windows with Security Glass 

Classic cars often still have the original manual locks installed. In these cases, stealing a vehicle is as easy as breaking the window, popping the lock and driving away. A lot of thieves will carry cheap glass shattering tools that will practically disintegrate the window within seconds with zero effort and minimum noise. Installing security glass in place of the original windows will help decrease the chances of a successful carjacking. Security glass is often mixed with a form of resin or plastic, and may even have an additional film coating the outside, that will render these glass shattering devices useless. At this point, most criminals would stop trying, as harming the door locks or damaging the cars body would significantly reduce the car’s value. It’s likely that the disappointed burglar will move on to a less exciting steal a few parking spaces down the line. 

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