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How to Protect Yourself Against Professional Lock Pickers

How to Protect Yourself Against Professional Lock Pickers

Most homes across America use cylinder pin and tumbler locks that are easily bypassed by today’s criminal. All it takes is a cheap bump key or lock picking toolkit and an internet connection to learn the methods to break into your home with zero signs of forced entry. Protect your loved ones and valuables by upgrading the security of your home. At QuickPro Locksmith, we provide premium lock and key services for residents and businesses in Atlanta, Tucker, Norcross, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Stone Mountain and other nearby metro area neighborhoods. We’ve learned a lot about how home owners can protect themselves against lock picking and bump key use, and want to share some of these tips to help keep our Georgia communities safe from theft and vandalism. High Security Lock Installation in Atlanta.

Provide High Visibility at all Entry Locations 

Most criminals will want to target homes where the entrance is out of view from neighbors or traffic. You can make your home “unattractive” to burglars by keeping all hedges, bushes and trees trimmed back from your entry area. Make sure there is a clear line of visibility from the street to your front door. Always keep this in mind when landscaping or building fences and other structures in your front yard. While privacy is important, blocking your entry way from neighbors and traffic can put you at an increased risk of break in. 

Use Security Cameras and a Quality Alarm System

If a criminal sees a camera pointed in their direction, they are much more likely to choose a different home. While they can easily break the camera itself, the fear of what has already been recorded could keep them from continuing to move forward. Also, having cameras and a quality security system installed can help you recover your assets and identify the criminal should a break in take place. This will also prove to insurance companies that the burglary was due to criminal activity even when no signs of forced entry are visible on the locks themselves. 

Install High Quality Pick and Bump Resistant Locks

Installing high security locks is an excellent deterrent. Lock pickers and bump key users want fast access. They know how easy and quick it is to pick most standard locks, and aren’t likely to continue putting in effort to break into your home when they know there’s dozens of houses down the street who haven’t taken the same precautions. Bump proof and pick resistant locks have extra pins and ridges that render these kinds of devices useless, and it will only take a few failed attempts for the thieves to realize they chose the wrong property to target. 

Consider a Keyless Entry System 

Thanks to advancements in technology, there are a variety of affordable keyless entry locks on the market today. You can choose from smart locks that are operated remotely via smart phone. There are RFID enhanced options, biometric fingerprint locks and electronic keypads that can be programmed with codes. Call QuickPro Locksmith today to discover the variety of options available and get professional advice for choosing the perfect locks for your household’s unique needs. 

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