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How to Unlock A Safe Without A Key

How to Unlock A Safe Without A Key

Do not try to force a safe open with a key, if you don’t seem to open it the normal way, just call QuickPro Locksmith, and our professional technician will be right there at your doorstep to get it open very easily without the need for a key. Sometimes, it can be very easy to lose the key to the safe or even forget the combination numbers, but you should have an idea about the procedures to take in order to unlock the safe without the need for a key, these options include;

  • Drilling your way in to open the safe,
  • Open the safe with the aid of a knife,
  • Make use of a tool like a hammer,
  • Make use of a screwdriver,
  • Make use of a paper clip, 
  • Make use of a magnet.

Using a paper clip to open a safe 

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to open a safe without a key is to use a paper clip. In order to use a paper clip to open the safe, just make sure the paper clip is straight, then insert the end of the clip into the upper part of the lock. With the aid of a tweezer, hold the paper clip in place, then insert the paper clip into the inner chamber of the lock- make sure the paper clip goes deeper into the lock. Turn the tweezers along with the paper clip in an anti-clockwise position and continue turning until the lock is opened. 

Make use of a screwdriver to open a safe without a key

First of all, you need to place the screwdriver on a flat surface, then insert the tip of the screwdriver inside the keyhole. Rotate the screwdriver in a counter-clockwise movement until the lock of the safe opens. 

Opening the safe with the aid of a knife or similar tool 

Opening the safe with a knife perhaps is the easiest way. To achieve this, simply make use of the tip of the knife and insert it into the keyhole. Shake the knife a little and the lock will eventually open. This procedure should take few seconds or minutes to open the safe. 

Drilling through the safe

Drilling is only recommended when there is no better option. Just before you consider drilling, you should call QuickPro Locksmith for an easier option. Drilling can be an option when you have forgotten the combination to the safe or you lost the key. In order to open the safe through drilling, all you have to do is drill a small hole in a position where you can view the lock inside the safe. Once drilling is performed, you can then insert your finger to unlock the lock inside the safe.  One of the negative effects of drilling is that it can damage the safe. You must think twice before you take this step.