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How to Unlock A Safe Without A Key

How to Unlock A Safe Without A Key

For some reasons you may be confused on how to unlock a safe without the use of a key, perhaps you have lost the key or the key is broken. Regardless of the reason for trying to unlock a safe, you need to contact QuickPro Locksmith before you try your own option and avoid further complications. 

The types of safes that use keys

There are diverse types of safes for different purposes, and most of them are designed to protect valuables. As a first-time user, you should be aware of the different types of safes before you make a choice. Not all safes need keys, and most safes do have a keyed locking mechanism and such do not rely on electricity or any other form of opening and locking, except mechanical keys. There are other safes that can be unlocked with biometric functions, digital touchpad or combination dial. Many of the safes that rely on touchpads and combination dial now have keys as secondary opening and locking mechanisms. 

How to unlock a safe without a key

There are numerous options of unlocking a safe without a key, you just have to choose the right options that wouldn’t keep your valuables unsafe. 

Picking the lock

Picking a lock is not as complicated as many people think. It normally involves opening pin tumbler type of locks. You need to find a special tool to pick a lock and this tool should have some rakes or picks but you must keep in mind that picking will not work to unlock high-security locks. Lockpicking require some practice and time. Picking is suitable when you forgot your combination numbers or you have lost your override key. 

Other alternative bypass methods to unlock a safe without a key

Using an alternative bypass method to unlock a safe is an option you should consider. The alternative bypass option may sound complicated but in actual sense, it should be straightforward. You need to apply this bypass tips on a safe that belongs to you. 

One of the commonest bypass methods to unlock a safe is the safe bouncing with safe manipulation. Safe bouncing is an ideal option if you misplace your key. This process normally requires you to jostle the internal working mechanism of the lock until it adjusts into the unlocking position. Just like lock picking, the process for lock bouncing will require constant practice. It should also be noted that this method of unlocking safes is not effective on high-security safes. 

Contact QuickPro locksmith- your number one reliable safe locksmith

You shouldn’t expect that all the methods of unlocking safe will work, especially if you rely on high-security ones, hence you should contact a professional safe locksmith. If you have attempted to unlock your safe unsuccessfully, you can contact QuickPro Locksmith. Our professional locksmith technicians are knowledgeable about handling all kinds of safe opening procedures. we do offer 24/7 safe lock opening services and emergency safe opening services wherever you are. Our services are affordable and reliable.