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Keeping Your Trailer Safe from Theft

Keeping Your Trailer Safe from Theft 

Trailers are used every day by millions of drivers across America. Whether you have a flatbed trailer for hauling construction equipment, an enclosed cargo trailer for tools and equipment or a livestock trailer for transporting your horses and other animals, it’s important to keep criminals from stealing it. Trailers can be an expensive investment, costing from $3,000 for an average size flatbed to $80,000 or more for horse trailers with living quarters. Stealing trailers can be extremely lucrative for thieves, as they are always in high demand and more difficult to recover than cars and trucks. At QuickPro Locksmith, we work hard to ensure that residents, businesses and drivers in Atlanta, Tucker, Dunwoody, Smyrna and other metro area communities are well protected against burglars and vandals. We want to help you keep your trailers out of the hands of thieves. Here are just a few ways that you can secure your trailer when traveling. 

Be Careful Where You Park Your Trailer

When your trailer is at home, it’s always best to keep it in a garage or backyard area that isn’t easily accessible from the street. However, when you’re traveling, your trailer is likely to stand out. Most criminals prefer to steal trailers and vehicles that are parked in isolated, dimly lit areas. They don’t want to be noticed or easily identified by witnesses. So, it’s always a good idea to park your trailer in areas with high traffic and bright lights. While it may be tempting to park your trailer out of the way for ease of parking, it might be worth the extra effort to keep it well protected. 

Customize Enclosed Trailers to Make Them Unique and Easy to Identify

One of the reasons trailers are targeted by criminals is because they are often generic and hard to identify. Unlike a car with a unique color, make and model - most white or metal trailers look the same. Thieves will be less likely to desire your trailer if it has distinguishing marks that will make it easier for police to identify. If you have an enclosed trailer, consider investing in a professional wrap, bright paint job or large vinyl decals with your logo. 

Use a Hitch Lock 

Hitch locks can also be a deterrent for criminals. Make sure that you invest in a quality, high security model. Standard hitch locks can often be easily removed by anyone with a decent pair of bolt cutters. There are many advanced models on the market today that are jacketed and made from durable materials that will stand up against cutting and drilling. 

Invest in Wheel Locks 

These locks fit over the wheels themselves, making it more difficult for criminals to hitch your trailer to their truck and take off down the road. As with hitch locks, there are many different styles of wheel locks each with a varying degree of quality. Avoid wheel locks that are small bars or are secured in place with padlocks because these are usually easy to remove. 

Install a Trailer Alarm with a GPS System 

Another great option is to install an alarm and GPS system. While an alarm and tracking system may not keep thieves from stealing your trailer, it can make it much easier to recover your property and help the authorities identify the person who stole it. Considering that many trailers are also loaded down with valuable tools, equipment and inventory, recovery should be a top priority to avoid a large financial loss.

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