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Laser Cut Keys vs. Regular Cut Keys
Laser Cut Keys vs. Regular Cut Keys

Laser Cut Keys vs. Regular Cut Keys

Laser Cut Keys vs. Regular Cut Keys

While laser cut keys have been existing since the 1990s, they were at first restrictive to quality car models. But now, they have become popular, offering enhanced security and various advantages to owners. 

These laser-cut keys are flexible, as they can be made in any shape, size, or variety utilizing laser-cutting procedures. Whether your vehicle is designed with laser-cut or regular keys, it is good to know what differentiates them from regular-cut keys.

Laser-cut Keys

Laser-cut keys, in some cases known as sidewinder keys or inner keys, brag a strikingly extraordinary appearance because of their accuracy cuts. Rather than including notches along the edges, these keys sport a central groove that adds both strength and thickness. 

Prominently, the keyway grooves are skillfully created on the two sides of the key, authorizing them to be embedded into the lock from one or the other course.

What distinguishes these keys from regular ones is their undeniable aesthetics, which comes from this offbeat cutting technique.

Regular Cut Keys

Frequently referred to as traditional keys, they are normally created utilizing a key-cutting machine. You can without much of a stretch find these key-cutting machines at most home improvement shops, which makes copying them a straightforward process. Regular cut keys have metal notches on just a single side, permitting them to be embedded into the lock from only one heading.

Differences between Laser Cut Keys and Regular Cut Keys

  • Design

Laser-cut keys come with a great design, thanks to their mechanical cuts. Dissimilar to regular keys, they lack notches on the sides but rather highlight notches in the middle, making them more robust and thicker. These openings are carefully cut on the two sides, permitting owners to embed them into a lock from any direction.

  • Usage

Contrarily, regular-cut keys require less refined key-slicing machines compared to laser-cut keys. Because they have metal cuts on just one side, they can only be inserted into a lock separately.

  • Lock Pricing

Laser-cut keys are notably more challenging to pick compared to regular keys, offering an extra layer of security for vehicles vulnerable to theft.

  • Unlocking other Cars

Cars of similar models and makes often share the same keys. In simple terms, a regular cut key could potentially open other similar cars, a feat not achievable with laser-cut keys due to their uniqueness.

  • Duplication

Laser-cut keys equipped with transponders are intended for use with a single vehicle. If the transponder is non-functional, the ignition will not start, even if the key can unlock the doors. In summary, duplicating laser-cut keys is significantly more challenging compared to regular keys.

  • Pricing

Both regular and laser-cut keys come with varying price tags. Laser-cut keys tend to be more expensive due to their unique manufacturing process and the involvement of advanced technology. In contrast, regular keys are affordable because of their straightforward key-cutting process.

Irrespective of your demands, we’ve got you!

Remember, not all locksmiths can handle laser-cut keys because of the great degree of expertise they need. However, at QuickPro Locksmith, we can address your laser cut key requirements, and also make standard cut keys. If you would love to study how laser-cut keys work or need expert help with key cutting or key replacement, feel free to reach out to our locksmith today.