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The Benefits of a Master Key System

The Benefits of a Master Key System 

Landlords and business owners often have unique security needs. Depending on the industry, layout of the building and number of employees, it can be difficult to control access to specific areas. While advancements in technology have created incredible biometric and RFID enabled access systems, it isn’t always a cost-effective method for small to mid-size businesses. Thankfully, master key systems are an effective and affordable solution that anyone can implement for higher quality security. Have you considered making the switch to a commercial master key system in Atlanta, Georgia? Then call the experienced professionals at QuickPro Locksmith. Our mobile locksmiths provide master key installation in Atlanta, Marietta, Brookhaven, Decatur, Smyrna and other metro area communities. Here are just a few of the benefits your company can receive from your investment. 

Prevents Internal Theft 

If your company has a relatively high turnover rate, or a large number of entry level employees, then you’re at an increased risk of becoming a victim of internal theft. It’s important to have restricted access to sensitive company and client information, large cash deposits, valuable inventory and other vital assets. Having a master key system will keep those items well protected by giving only certain trusted individuals the key to the rooms or buildings which house them. 

Provides a Higher Level of Overall Security

Having different keys for separate rooms will ensure that if an entry level employee loses their key, someone with criminal intent won’t be given access to the entire building. Keeping certain vital assets protected in an area with a separate key will provide an extra layer of protection from those who might want to target your company for a break in. 

Convenient for Business Owners

Business owners have enough responsibilities on their plate. Keeping up with a heavy keychain and remembering which keys open every lock is unnecessary and annoying. When you have a master key system, the owner be given a single key that can open every lock on their property, while still limiting others from unlocking the doors of high security areas. 

Affordable Way to Protect Your Assets

Biometric and RFID systems are an excellent way to monitor and restrict access to different staff levels. However, these systems can be expensive for businesses with a smaller security budget. A master key system only requires a handful simple, affordable lock changes. If your system ever becomes compromised, you’ll only need to have to rekey the locks as needed rather than changing all the locks in your building. 

An Excellent Solution for Landlords and Airbnb Hosts

Owners of multiple rental properties can finally rejoice. Installing a master key system will provide separate locks for each home, apartment, condo or office – yet you’ll only need one key to open them all. It’s a cost effective, and convenient way to organize your keys. Plus, you’ll always have a key on hand for accessing a property during a last-minute emergency. 

Are You Interested in Upgrading to a Master Key System in Atlanta, GA? Call QuickPro Locksmith 

Is it time for you to make the switch to a master key system in Atlanta or a surrounding city? Then call the reliable team of Atlanta mobile locksmiths at QuickPro Locksmith today. Our customer care team is available now to answer all your questions and can also schedule an appointment for your next master key system installation.