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What to Avoid When Shopping for New Door Locks

New Door Lock Installation in Atlanta

There are countless reasons why home and business owners may need new locks for their doors. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or office space, or prefer to gain more access control by scheduling consistent lock changes, it’s important to make the right choice if you want the best results. The decision you make could provide you with an excellent return on investment, or leave you vulnerable to a potentially devastating burglary. With so many options available on the market, it can be extremely overwhelming for someone without experience to make the best choice for their needs. At QuickPro Locksmith, we provide the highest quality lock and key services for residents, drivers and businesses in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Stone Mountain and other nearby metro area communities. After many years of experience, we’ve learned a lot about what features are beneficial for a variety of different customers. Here are a few things that consumers need to avoid when shopping for their own locks. 

Buying the Wrong Style of Lock

The first consideration when buying new locks should be style choice, particularly if you are considering installing the locks yourself. Be aware of what kind of locks are currently installed on your door to ensure that your new locks will fit properly. For instance, some high security deadbolts feature a much longer throw than minimum standard models. This could mean you need a deeper set strike box, rather than a normal strike plate. Most modern homes will have a traditional pin and tumbler knob or deadbolt. However, older homes might have mortise locks, which require a different type of installation process. Business owners also sometimes run into more unique styles of locks. Examples include cams, mortise, rim latch, euro profile cylinders and more. If you’re unsure of which kind of locks you have installed, a professional locksmith will be able to quickly identify it. 

Basing Your Decision on the Price Tag

While it may be true that we often “get what we pay for”, choosing a lock based solely on its retail cost isn’t the most effective approach. Some manufacturers can charge extra for features like smart phone controls, biometric access, electronic keypads or a more aesthetic design, these benefits don’t necessarily improve its durability or make it more secure. While having locks that are more high tech, convenient and pleasing to the eye may be worth the extra dollars, you need to also ensure the model will protect your property against lock picking tools and bump keys. 

Assuming the Brand is the Only Indicator of Quality

There are several companies that have spent millions of dollars over the years to create better brand awareness among consumers. Therefore, many people with limited knowledge of lock manufacturers may simply choose a lock because they recognize the name of the company. However, there are many lesser known companies that have created some of the most effective high security locks available today. Take the time to do a little research and you’ll be better equipped to pick the right lock for your unique situation. 

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