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Protect Your Gold Coins and Bullion at Home

Protect Your Gold Coins and Bullion at Home

Investing in gold is an excellent way to safeguard your savings against inflation and economic uncertainty. However, no amount of gold coins or bullion will provide financial security if it’s been stolen by a local criminal. Some people prefer to store their gold, silver and other precious metals in a bank vault or depositories to avoid theft. Many others enjoy having their investments close at hand in case of emergencies. If you prefer to store your gold at home, there are ways you can decrease your chances of burglary. At QuickPro Locksmith, we offer a wide range of residential, commercial and automotive services in Atlanta, Tucker, Alpharetta, Stone Mountain, Brookhaven, Smyrna, Chamblee, Sandy Springs, Decatur, Roswell, Duluth, Norcross, Dunwoody, Marietta, East Point, Mableton, Georgia and surrounding areas. If you’re ready to take your gold investments security to the next level, here are a few tips for achieving your goal.

Invest in a Quality Safe

The first step is to invest in a high quality safe. Choose whichever size is adequate for holding the amount of gold and other important items you currently have, and any future acquisitions. The most important factor to keep in mind when purchasing your safe is its resistance to tampering, fire and flood. It’s also worth considering a safe that can be bolted, mounted or permanently affixed, to make it more difficult for thieves to remove it from your home. 

Conceal the Safe from View

Try not to make your safe’s location obvious. Leaving your safe beside your bedtable or inside your closet is a direct invitation to any house burglar. You can keep the safe beneath the floor boards or behind a hidden wall or bookcase where criminals are less likely to take notice. Many people implement the Rule of Three Layers. For example, you can place your safe underneath the floor, covered by a rug, with a heavy piece of furniture on top. 

Use Strategy to Minimize Risk

If you don’t want to renovate your home to accommodate your gold safe, consider hiding it inside of a cardboard moving box buried behind storage containers. Few will expect to find a safe in such a location. Also, it’s important to let at least one person know where your gold stash is in case of death or serious injury. You don’t want your gold to accidently be forgotten, and given to the next homeowner or tossed to the landfill rather than passed down to loved ones. While notifying one trusted person is a good idea, be cautious about how many people are aware that you’re holding gold. It could encourage theft if someone spills the beans to the wrong individual. 

Implement the Highest Security Standards for Your Entire Home

The strongest deterrent to theft in general is to keep your whole house well equipped to defend against criminals. Swap out any minimum standard locks and doorknobs with high security models. Install window locks and quality garage door operator systems. Invest in a premium alarm system with video surveillance and purchase the best insurance you can to cover potential property loss if a burglary takes place. 

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