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Reasons Why My Car Won't Start
Reasons Why My Car Won't Start

Reasons Why My Car Won't Start

Reasons Why My Car Won't Start

It is so easy to take our cars for granted. Only once we are locked out of the car or it won’t start do we realize how good we had it. QuickPro Locksmith can help with the former, but we have some information on the latter as well. This article will go over some reasons why your car won’t start. Hopefully you can have your car running again and be back on your regular schedule. If your issue is with the keys or the ignition, then call QuickPro Locksmith to have a certified locksmith at your location today. We are always ready to help.

Gas on Empty

You might find this one silly, but it can be easy to forget to fill the tank when you are running errands or are distracted. Fortunately, the solution to this one is simple: get more gas. Hopefully you have a gas container and are near a gas station. If not, call a taxi to get to the nearest station. Most gas stations have containers for sale as well.

Dead Battery

This is actually one of the most, if not the most, common reason why a car won’t start. The battery is what provides electrical power to the many electrical components in the car, including the starter. It can die if you leave headlights or dome lights on overnight or if its lifetime has simply expired. The battery might also be faulty. Check for loose wires or corroded connections. Many auto part stores can test your battery to see if it’s weak.

Defective Ignition Switch

If your battery is working but the car won’t start over, then the next culprit might be the ignition switch. If you are able to turn the headlights on but the engine does not start, then the ignition switch is where you should focus next.

Faulty Starter

The engine of your car starts thanks to the starter, an electrical motor connected to the battery. When you turn the ignition switch on, the starter sets the engine into motion. If you hear clicking sounds when you turn the ignition, then you might have a faulty starter.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Fuel filters keep your engine clean but clogged ones will prevent gasoline from reaching your engine. These fuel filters are generally swapped every ten or twenty thousand miles. Consider replacing your fuel filter the next time you service your car.

Bad Timing Belt

The timing belt plays a crucial role of opening and closing engine valves at the right times. A bad timing belt can cause devastating damage to your engine, so be sure to read your user manual and learn when you should replace yours. Generally, timing belts are to be replaced every 75,000 miles or five years. 

Call the Professionals

QuickPro Locksmith can help with key replacements and ignition switches at any time of the day. If you are stranded and need help, then call QuickPro Locksmith to speak with a live representative now.