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Rekey Mechanical Pushbutton Lock

Rekey Mechanical Pushbutton Lock

Commercial and residential customers are always in need of more secured locks that will strengthen the security of their property and help safeguard valuables and sensitive documents. When compared with other available locks in the market, mechanical pushbutton provides a cost-effective solution to fit this all-important need. Homeowners can conveniently control access between public and private areas in an organization. With mechanical pushbutton locks, you will achieve improved security, durability, new locking and unlocking methods and a keyless convenience.

However, to eliminate compromised keys from your property or business location, there is need to rekey the mechanical pushbutton locks or generate universal codes needed to open the locks. Depending on the model or make of your mechanical pushbutton locks, the homeowner can achieve this without the help of professionals, but in most cases, you will need qualified and certified locksmiths to rekey your pushbutton mechanical locks efficiently. Call locksmiths from QuickPro Locksmith to give you professional guidance so you could effectively rekey your mechanical pushbutton locks. 

You will enjoy the following benefits of using mechanical locks:

  •  No need for batteries or wiring
  •  Ideal for both residential and commercial purposes
  •  It’s perfect for multiple users
  •  Can easily be rekeyed or change codes
  •  Multiple designs and durable finishing

Nevertheless, if you’re are not technically savvy or you are finding it difficult to rekey the locks, our locksmiths will be glad to come to your location.

Reasons to rekey your mechanical pushbutton locks

Having a mechanical pushbutton lock gives you the opportunity of having a keyless entry with greater durability and functionalities. However, you can rekey the locks because of the following reasons:

Unreturned or compromised keys

Changing the entire locks when your keys are compromised can be costly, and the process of new installations can take much time to be concluded. When you rekey your mechanical pushbutton locks, you will limit the amount of security exposure and have more control of your property.

You don’t need to put your security and the safety of your loved ones in the hands of strangers, call QuickPro Locksmith to help you rekey your mechanical pushbutton locks and have the peace of mind you deserve.

Revoked tenancy 

If you are a homeowner, you have the right to rekey your locks after the expiration of the old tenancy agreement because the keys may have been compromised. For mechanical pushbutton locks, rekeying or changing the codes can easily be done. In case you are too busy to rekey all the locks, you can call a professional for help.

Security upgrade

When you want to upgrade the security of your home or business location, rekeying the locks will be a very good idea. If you have mechanical pushbutton locks, to rekey the locks does not need computer programming skills, no batteries to be changed; all it takes is to change the combination codes and rekey the locks. For more information, you can call plumbers from QuickPro Locksmith.

Whether you have a mechanical pushbutton lock, deadbolt, cylinder locks, high-security digital locks, we can repair or rekey any type or model, just give us a call.