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Rekeying in Chamblee

Rekeying in Chamblee

Do you know it’s possible that other people may have keys to your house or office building?

Perhaps it may sound impossible but your inability to re-key your house or office building has given some unknown individuals an advantage over you!

That’s ridiculous, right?

The security of your home and property is compromised when you packed into a new building without re-keying the locks. The old occupants may have given out the spare keys at one point or the other to their friends and relatives in anticipation to get it back as soon as possible. But as time passed on, they forgot.

You should also consider re-keying whenever another occupant packs out of the house. For example, when a couple divorces, it is recommended that the partner that stays in same building should rekey the entire house to have total control of the house. Secondly, if the flat or apartment is shared and your flat packs out of the building, you should also consider re-keying

Whatsoever be the case, you need to secure the new building by rekeying the locks using a licensed and reliable company like Quickpro who offers affordable and professional services for residents of Chamblee and beyond. Locksmith Chamblee


The concept of rekeying is simple, but people find it hard to understand. It is the process of changing the internal components of the lock in order not to be opened with the former keys. Some people may see it as creating another lock with the casing of the older lock. Whatsoever definition you give to this process, A noteworthy point is that rekeying will secure your property and relatively give you a piece of mind.

The advantages of rekeying your house or office building

- It is affordable

Rekeying is considered to be the most affordable way of effectively securing your property from intruders. It is cost effective when you have many locks that should be rekeyed. Why not save more money by calling Quickpro locksmith because we offer the lowest of home and office rekeying services.

- Fast and efficient

It doesn’t take much time for a professional locksmith to rekey numerous locks in a building. Instead of changing the locks and spending more time and resources, why not try to rekey the locks so you could enjoy same convenient and security 

Rekeying locks is an exclusively reserved responsibility of professional locksmiths because you need a reputable individual from a licensed company to undertake the task. It is risky to allow an unverified locksmith to handle your locks and the entire security of the building. You need rest of mind when you pack into a new house. Hence we recommend the rekey of your entire doors.

In furtherance to our recommendation of total door re-key for residents of Chamblee, we also want to enlighten tenants about the consequences of allowing the old keys in your room. You will not have right for claims after any burglary because the insurance companies will see you as an individual that compromised his security. Insurance companies frown against the practice of using old keys that other people may still have. Therefore, your application for insurance cover after experiencing a burglary will be tuned down.

Therefore, stop putting yourself in a disadvantaged position when you can easily contact experience rekeying expert from Quickpro locksmiths. You will enjoy exceptional service like never before. Give us a call now.