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Rekeying in Brookhaven

Rekeying in Brookhaven

Rekeying means the reconfiguration of your locks to use a new set of keys and to render the old ones useless. If you feel that the security of your house or office has been compromised in Brookhaven, instead of buying and installing new locks, it is recommended that you request for rekeying in Brookhaven. It is cost effective to rekey your locks because it will offer same protection and convenience as if they were brand new.

So how does it work?

Locksmiths from QuickPro Locksmith will disassemble your lock cylinder, change the pins; then, they will couple and tighten the locks. This will make the old keys not to match or be able to open your locks. We will provide the new keys that you can use to open-up the locks and gain access to your home. This option is far less expensive than purchasing and installing new locks.

If you want more clarification on the best security options that will fit your need – Rekeying in Brookhaven, a key remake in Brookhaven, key duplicating or new installation; call locksmith in Brookhaven from QuickPro Locksmith, and all your concerns will be addressed.

Reasons to rekey

When you move into a new home or office

Your priority as a new tenant should be to secure lives and valuable properties, and because other individual had access to your keys before signing the lease agreement, then you need to rekey the locks. By rekeying the locks, you will have full access to the apartment and can only give access to trusted people.

Secondly, the relatives and loved ones of the former tenant may have the spare keys to the house, because you can never be sure if the former occupant returned all the keys while parking out. Therefore, not upgrading or rekeying your locks amounts to raising the level of your vulnerability.

Lost or broken keys

If your lost keys get to the hands of wrong people, they may use it as an advantage to comfortably get into the house and take as many valuables as they can lay their hands. You can use the spare keys to gain access to your home when the keys are lost, but if you want to secure lives and properties, make plans to rekey the locks.

When we arrive at your location, QuickPro Locksmiths can do rekeying in Brookhaven or key duplicating within a couple of hours, and you will have rest of mind that every property in your home is fully secured from burglary and theft

Malfunctioning locks

If it is becoming so difficult to open your locks, it might be that the pins are worn or short and cannot reach the shear-line. The springs can also be weak and make it difficult for the locks to open. 

Before rekeying in Brookhaven or replacing your locks, we will evaluate the problem and give you expert recommendations. However, we will render our services according to your preference and budget.

We render fast and efficient services

Expect to get prompt services when we handle your locksmith needs because we have certified and insured locksmiths backed with years of experience. If you are in need of rekeying services for your home or office, our locksmiths will arrive promptly to help you rekey your locks so you could save the time and resources needed to install new locks.