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Security Tips for Bicycles

Security Tips for Bicycles

Statistics have shown that a bicycle is stolen every 5 minutes, somewhere around the world, and that makes the bicycle more prone to a theft that automobile cars. As the driver of a bicycle, you don’t have to be told that you must wear a helmet and you must avoid weaving in and out of the traffic, but for the safety of your bicycle, it goes beyond just locking it up. Here are some security tips that will help you protect your bicycle effectively;

Lock the bicycle up effectively 

Ordinary locks may not be very effective in securing your bicycle but the U-shaped bar, as well as shackle locks, can help you prevent bicycle locks effectively. The U-shaped bar and shackle locks do come with extra-strong and durable designs and construction, that make it resistance to thefts through hacksaws, and bolt cutters. The U-shaped bar and shackle locks are also resistant to freezing conditions, also, it is extremely difficult to break them with the use of pry bars and hammers. You may want to contact QuickPro Locksmith, for the most effective and reliable bars and shackle locks, to secure your bicycle at any time. 

 If you are using a bicycle that comes with quick-release front wheels, then you should try and remove the front wheel before you place the bicycle against a stationary object, like the bike rack- once this is done, you can take the front wheel and then place it close to the rear wheel. You can simply place the U-bar around your bike rack and the seat tube of the bike, and in-between the two wheels of your bicycle. Make sure the crossbar is attached before locking it. 

If your bicycle has bolt-in front wheels, simply place your U-bar around the rack and down the bike tube and then through the front wheel. You can provide an extra protection through the use of cable lock. If you are unsure about the steps you can take to secure your bicycle, you may want to contact QuickPro Locksmith for necessary help. 

What other security measures can you take to secure your bicycle?  

Getting a bicycle insurance can be a great idea if you own an expensive bicycle. There are several ways through which you can ensure your bicycle, one of such is through the Home content insurance package where you can cover it for even the thefts that may happen away from your home. There are some expensive bicycles that may even require more expensive insurance coverage. 

In addition to locking and ensuring your bicycle, you need to keep in mind that it takes few seconds or minutes to steal a bicycle and for this reason, you must not leave the bicycle where nobody can see it. New modern devices such as trackers can also be installed on your smartphone to monitor your bicycle movement but nothing is more effective than using the right lock to secure the bicycle. For more information on how you can secure your bicycle effectively, contact QuickPro Locksmith.