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The different types of car keys

The different types of car keys

Older vehicles, especially those manufactured before the 1990s do rely on standard basic keys which are also machine-cut keys that have little or no security features and they are quite easy to copy. Modern automobiles do come with diverse kinds of keys which include;

  • Car-remote control,
  • Car key transponders, 
  • Car key transponders with rolling codes, 
  • The Switch-blade key,
  • The smart key,
  • The Master key, and 
  • The Valey key.

Regardless of whether you want the basic standard key or any of the modern keys, you can rest assured that QuickPro Locksmith has technicians who are experts in providing personalized keys for your automobile. 

The Car-remote control can be regarded as an unlocking device and it is usually battery-operated. The remote control type of key can make use of infra-red signal or radio transmitter, to relay coded message to the receiver of the car.

Key transponders, and switchblade key types

Key transponders were designed in the early 1990s to stem the tide of car theft. These transponders do come with special chips that send a unique code to a car’s immobilizer device and if the code does not match up with the code that has been programmed into the immobilizer, then the car will never start. Expert automobile technicians can help you program your responders with the immobilizer on the board of your car. 

The car transponders with rolling codes are advance key transponders that can generate unique code each time the car key is used. For this reason, the car key transponder is practically impossible for duplication. 

Switchblade key type is a type of car key that has a base or shank that can retract into the head or fob of the key. Switchblade keys can be folded or flipped opened. Expert automobile key makers such as QuickPro Locksmith do have competent experts who can help with transponders and switch blade types of car keys.

The smart keys, Master keys and Valey keys 

Smart keys provide electronic access systems to cars, there is no need to unlock the key and it stays safely in your pocket. The car usually has smart key antennas that can detect the presence of the smart key, and one can unlock a car with the touch of a button or sensor. With a smart key, one can even control the music system in the car or change the seating position.

The master key is not as common as the smart key and it is usually designed as a replacement car key. A master key may serve as the central control for the entire car engine management system, hence you may need to replace entire engine system if you lose the master key. The valey key is a special type of key that is designed to give access only to the car doors, ignition but not the boot and glove box. 

Regardless of the type of car key you want, you need to contact competed locksmith in your area, and one recommendable option is QuickPro Locksmith.