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The Pros and Cons of Keyed Alike Padlocks
The Pros and Cons of Keyed Alike Padlocks

The Pros and Cons of Keyed Alike Padlocks

The Pros and Cons of Keyed Alike Padlocks

Also known as same key padlocks, keyed alike padlocks are designed to work with the same key. When a set of padlocks is "keyed alike," it means all the locks in that particular set can be operated with the same key. Unlike keyed different padlocks which can only be operated with one unique key, keyed alike padlocks have the same cut so that one key fits all the padlocks in a set.

Keyed alike padlocks come in handy if you have several locations around your premises that need to be secured, and don’t want to carry a whole bunch of keys. These padlocks can be used to secure places such as garden gates, tool sheds, veranda, and the back door.

If you’re considering using keyed alike padlocks in your property, it’s important to understand the benefits that come with these padlocks as well as their downsides.

At QuickPro Locksmith, we’ve put together the pros and cons of keyed alike padlocks to help you make the right decision.

Advantages of Keyed Alike Padlocks

  • You can save money when it comes to key replacement or key duplication

If you lose your keys or they get damaged, you’ll only need to replace one key. When you need a spare key made for your keyed alike padlocks, you will only need to duplicate one key, even if you have multiple locks.

  • Convenience

Having to carry a heavy keychain with many keys can be inconvenient. Moreover, all those keys would need to be labeled to make it easy for you to find the right key for the right lock. With keyed alike padlocks, you don’t have to carry a whole bunch of keys around. Having one key for a set of padlocks eliminates the hassle of fumbling around with a bulky set of keys to find the right key for the right lock. By having a set of padlocks keyed alike, you can save time and energy, especially when you need to get into your house quickly. 

  • Keyed Alike Padlocks Help to Simplify Your Security

Keying your padlocks alike comes in handy if you have a number of areas within your home that need to be secured with padlocks. You won’t need multiple keys to access the areas of your property that use keyed alike padlocks. The simplicity and convenience of keyed alike padlocks make them an ideal option for securing areas like the porch, tool shed, cabinets, and screen doors.

Downsides of Keyed Alike Padlocks

One of the reasons why you might not want to install keyed alike padlocks in your property is that you won’t be able to restrict access to specific areas of your property to specific people. If someone with bad intentions gets hold of your keys, they will be able to open all keyed alike padlocks, something which is not possible with keyed different locks.

If you lose the keys to your keyed alike padlocks and you suspect that they may be in the wrong hands, you’ll have to rekey the locks or replace them entirely.

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