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3 Ways to Tell if Your Lock Has Been Picked
3 Ways to Tell if Your Lock Has Been Picked

3 Ways to Tell if Your Lock Has Been Picked

3 Ways to Tell if Your Lock Has Been Picked

Having someone try to break into your home is always a scary thing. Whether you are home or not, an attempted break-in can scare you for years to come. Although it is true that most burglars don’t go the picking a lock method much anymore, there are still some out there that prefer to pick a lock. While most signs of a picked lock are pretty obvious, some aren’t. Here at QuickPro Locksmith, we are here to help educate you on how to know when your lock has been picked, and we will put in solutions to avoid any further issues. 
Lock picking is a form of forced entry into a home or building. Whenever someone tries to pick a lock, the homeowner or building owner will know right away. Any of our Atlanta locksmiths at QuickPro Locksmith will be able to take apart your lock and look for the common signs of lock picking. You can try to look for these signs yourself, but our team will be able to determine how someone picked your lock, and they will be able to install a newer, more secure locking system. 

Here are the most common signs your lock has been picked:

  • Cut/Gouges -- When someone tries to pick your lock, the most common sign is cuts or gouges in your keyway or around your door lock. Burglars use all sorts of tools to try to pick locks – knives, screwdrivers, paper clips, picks, tension wrenches, and more. If you notice any unusual cuts or gouges on your doors, give QuickPro Locksmith a call now!
  • Scratches -- Most of the people who try to pick a lock aren’t specialists at it. They are just looking for a quick break-in, where they can get in and out and take what they are looking for. Most times, they will do whatever it takes to pick your lock, oftentimes leaving scratches all over your keyway, your door handle, and your door. 
  • Damaged door handle -- If you come home at the end of the day and you notice your door handle is loose or hanging, it’s likely someone tried or successfully picked your lock. If this is the case for you, give us a call now to install a brand new and secure lock. 

How to Prevent Lock Picking

If you recently experienced a break-in or an attempted break-in, you may want to increase your locking system security. One of the best ways to prevent another instance of your lock being picked is by using security pins, non-standard lock types such as coded locks, or using complex key systems. If you’re unsure about what to upgrade to, give QuickPro Locksmith a call and we will make sure you and your family feel safe again!

Choosing a Reliable Locksmith

Finding the right locksmith is hard – you want someone you can trust because they are working on the safety and security of your home. By choosing QuickPro Locksmith, you are choosing a team of fast and reliable locksmiths! You can make an appointment with us by picking up the phone and giving us a call!