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Tips How to Open Frozen Car Door
Tips How to Open Frozen Car Door

Tips How to Open Frozen Car Door

Tips How to Open Frozen Car Door

Extreme cold weather brings with it a number of problems for car owners. Everything from poor driving conditions to frozen car doors and stalled engines can be pretty frustrating.

In this article, we will look at how to open a frozen car door.

In extreme cold weather, ice can form on the door, in the doorframe, and the space between the vehicle’s body and the door. When you’re dealing with a frozen car door, the goal is to open the door without causing any damages.

Let’s look at how to unfreeze a car door safely.

  • Scrape Off Surface Ice

If ice has formed on the handle causing it to get stuck, chip it off with an ice scraper or something like a plastic spatula. Do not use metal objects as they can scratch the paint. If the ice has formed around the edge of the door, try chipping away the ice as much as you can then push on the outside of the door.

  • Pour Lukewarm Water Over the Frozen Door Lock

Pouring lukewarm water on the affected area is an effective way of delivering heat to the stuck components. Do not use hot water because it can damage some parts of your car door. Once you’ve unlocked the frozen door, ensure you dry the affected area to avoid more ice forming.

  • Spray The Affected Area with A De-Icer

A commercial de-icer can help melt the ice that has formed on your car door and prevent moisture that causes further ice build-up. You can find commercial de-icing fluid in local stores.

  • Blow with A Hair Dryer

As an alternative to pouring hot water on the ice, blowing the affected area with a hair dryer can melt the ice off of the door handle, frame, or lock. You should hold the hair dryer 3-4 inches away from the ice and avoid concentrating the heat on one spot.

  • Try Pushing the Door

Since ice is brittle, pushing and pulling on your door can break the ice that has formed on the stuck components. Be careful not to push too hard to the point where you'll damage your car door.

Note: This push and pull method is not advised if the temperature is below zero degrees Fahrenheit. 

  • Call an Auto Locksmith

If none of the above-mentioned methods works, call an "auto locksmith near me" to help you unfreeze your frozen door. Sometimes, ice can get into some components of a car door and compromise its integrity.

A locksmith with extensive experience and the right tools will be able to unfreeze your car door within the shortest time possible and get you back on the road. If you’re looking for a reliable auto locksmith to help you when your car gets stuck, call QuickPro Locksmith.

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