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Tips to Choose the Best Commercial Safes

Tips to Choose the Best Commercial Safes

The main purpose of getting the most durable and strongest commercial safes is to keep your vital or sensitive business items protected from theft from within and outside. Choosing a safe that is lower than the standards recommended for your commercial entity will leave your assets exposed. Contact QuickPro Locksmith for an inspection of your commercial safes and for the most suitable upgrade solutions.

Tips on choosing the right commercial safes 

Just before you make the right choice of safe for your commercial entity, you need to know about the broad categories of safes mostly available today. According to a broad classification, there are three types of safes, these are;

  • Theft-deterrent safes (mostly used to protect cash and other valuables from burglars).
  • The fire-resistant safes (Used for protecting paper documents and similar items, electronics, cash and other heat-sensitive materials).
  • The Composite safes (mostly designed to resist both fire and theft). 

In order to make the right choice, you need to be aware of the ratings for fire-resistant, theft-resistant and lock ratings. Commercial locks, for instance, come in four different ratings; The group 2 is designed to resist the basic burglary attempt, the category 2M lock is designed to resist expert manipulation or break-in attempt. The category 1 lock can resist up to 20 hours of break-in attempt while the group 1R lock is designed to withstand all levels of expert break-in attempt and radiological attacks. You may want to contact a professional locksmith from QuickPro Locksmith for further clarification on this and how to make the most suitable choice among the options. 

You must also take note of Theft and fire-resistant safes. The class 125 fire-resistant safe for instance, will be able to keep temperatures at below 125 °F when there is a fire accident within the environment, while class 350 safes will be able to keep the temperature of the items within at less than 325 °F. This means a class 125 fire resistant safe is more efficient than a class 325 safe when it comes to the protection of items against fire accidents in commercial premises.

QuickPro Locksmith offers a wide range of commercial safes for optimal protection of commercial entities

When it comes to choosing the right commercial safes, you have to consider what will be effective for you on daily basis. The more valuable your commercial assets, the more durable and long-lasting safes you should consider. The most ideal safe for a commercial premise must be tool and fire resistant, time-tested, torch-resistant and area-tested. As a matter of fact, the type of safe you choose for your organization may determine the type of insurance premium discount you will get from your insurance service provider.

Business insurance service providers offer great discounts to commercial property owners with tested and trusted safes. You can rely on the expert advice and solutions offered by professional locksmith technicians at QuickPro Locksmith to procure the most suitable safes for your business. QuickPro Locksmith offers affordable and reliable safes for all categories of businesses.