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Ways To Get A Broken Key Out Of A Lock

Ways To Get A Broken Key Out Of A Lock

Ever ended up in a situation where the half key of the lock went in the lock and remaining half came out in your hand? This is the most observed situation and this arises mostly because of the hurry we show in unlocking the locks. The situation can be very dreadful at times and as soon as you see your half key inserted in the lock, you feel that adrenaline rush and you simple freak out. For a moment, you think that you can still do it but all your hard work goes in vain when you see no sign of the half key coming out. 

Do not worry much as Quick Pro Locksmith is there to take you out of this dreadful situation. Call us and get the solution to your lockout as soon as possible. Our team is available 24*7 and you need not worry when you have locked yourself out.

By the time, you call our expert and he reaches you, here are a few tips from Quick Pro Locksmith that you can try on your own:

Not using the half broken key 

If you are assuming that even if the key is broken, I can still insert the rest of the key and open the door then you are absolutely wrong. Please do not try this technique; it will worsen the situation for you. Once you insert the broken key again, it will push the rest half of the key inside the lock and the farther the key, the more difficult it will become to take it out.

A quick preparation

Well you can do a quick preparation before the expert from Quick Pro Locksmith reaches you. This preparation is optional but if you can do this, it will help the expert in taking out the key quickly. Get some lubricant such as graphite spray and put it in the key latch. You will need some towel to wipe the extra lubricant falling off that many spoil your door paint. The lubricant will help the key to come out easily.

Collect some materials that will be handy

Meanwhile the expert from Quick Pro Locksmith reaches you, collect the following materials, which will help you to take your key out of the lock. The exploration may be difficult if you have locked yourself out of your house or office, but you can still give it a try. The list of things is: metal hair clip, paper clip, bob pin, first aid kit, Swiss army knife, safety pin etc. Tweezers and jigsaw blades are two other effective materials that will help you take the key out of the lock.

Amidst all this techniques, you should not forget that none of your step should make the key go farther so that it becomes difficult even for the technician to take it out. Apply any of the methods to ease the process and not to make it more difficult.