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Ways to Get New Car Keys

Ways to Get New Car Keys

You can’t just walk to a local car key locksmith down the road and have it duplicated because car keys nowadays do come with special chips with codes that can perform several functions. You may be surprised that some car keys no longer look like keys anymore, they do come with small orbs with buttons that can be used to set off alarms, lock and unlock the car doors. Modern keys are no longer cheap to duplicate, and you need a professional auto locksmith to create new ones. Contact QuickPro Locksmith if you need key duplication or key replacement service for your new car key. The following are some options of getting spare or replacement keys, affordable. 

Have battery replacement

Just before purchasing a new car, make sure you know the type of batteries used by the car key. If your car relies on a key fob and a push button, having run-down batteries will make it impossible for you to move the car. Make sure you keep spare batteries at home and in your car and do not wait until the batteries run out of juice before replacing them. 

Get the services of an auto locksmith

The most affordable way to get new car keys is to seek the help of a professional locksmith technician. With a certified auto locksmith, you will get the car key replaced or duplicated by providing the vehicle identification number that is normally located inside the door panel of the car. QuickPro Locksmith will help you with new car keys, based on the VIN, car model and brand of the car, at affordable rates. 

If your car key breaks off partially inside the ignition, or you are struggling to turn the key inside the ignition or door lock, please contact QuickPro Locksmith, and a certified locksmith technician will be dispatched to help you out. Emergency auto lockout situation is the most prominent reason why car owners do contact auto locksmith technicians for help, but it makes a whole lot of sense if you can contact a locksmith technician even before your car key develops a problem. 

QuickPro Locksmith offers 100% reliable key replacement and key duplication service 

Auto locksmith service providers like QuickPro Locksmith offers on-the-spot car key replacement and duplications service, that will ensure that your car is back on the road in no time. You can have your key duplication or replacement, ahead of time, and prevent lockout situations. Professional auto locksmith services are much more affordable than dealerships.

Purchasing new car keys, especially programmed keys can be very expensive, but QuickPro Locksmith has developed a systematic way to make things easier for you without the need to go to the dealers for expensive key replacement and duplication service. As mentioned earlier, the auto locksmith technician will ask for your vehicle’s VIN number and that is the most vital information, especially when you lost the original keys, or the key gets broken inside the ignition or door lock. Contact us today and we will make the process of getting a new car key, easy for you.