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What To Do If I Locked My Keys In My Trunk
What To Do If I Locked My Keys In My Trunk

What To Do If I Locked My Keys In My Trunk

What To Do If I Locked My Keys In My Trunk

Because of our imperfections as humans, we tend to make mistakes. Sometimes it becomes recurring and annoying to say the least!

An example of such mistakes is forgetting our car key inside the car's trunk. Once the key is locked inside the trunk, it won't be easy to unlock and start the vehicle.

However, you don't have to be stranded as you think of a possible solution. There are a few options that can help you recover the key, and we will be examining them in this guide.

Use The Spare Keys

Having your car key locked inside the trunk can send you into a state of panic. The thought itself will stress you out, and you will likely forget about the existence of a spare key. It is normal to fret in this situation, so your brain will hardly remember that you have an extra set of car keys somewhere.

If you have spare keys, the obvious decision is to get them. For most people, the keys are always at home, so they could easily walk to get them or ask their spouse or child to help them bring them over.

Not everybody has a spare key, so this option cannot work for some people. This is why you must ask your car dealership or local locksmith service to make a spare key for your vehicle. The backup key would come in handy in situations like this.

Override The Locking Mechanism

Another method of accessing your car key from the trunk is by overriding the locking mechanism to the trunk. If you don't have a spare key, this option can help you recover the key from the locked trunk.

Now, here is the tricky part. The step-by-step process of overriding the locking mechanism of a car varies for each make and model of the vehicle. So, you must know the exact steps that will work for your car. You can achieve this by researching the process online.

Furthermore, a battery source must be available to help with the overriding process. You may also need to create a short in the car's fuse box that releases the trunk. The process is always complex for newbies, so check out the next suggestion below.

Seek the Help of A Professional

Although the two options above can help regain the car key, it might not work for you. At this stage, you need to contact a reliable service provider such as QuickPro Locksmith.

Furthermore, it can be stressful trying to override the locking mechanism of the trunk if you don't have the requisite automotive or mechanical experience. The professionals at QuickPro Locksmith takes this stress off your shoulder with our auto lockout service.

A vetted auto locksmith will quickly help you recover the car key from the trunk. The auto lockout service is beneficial, especially when hurrying to work, school, or home. You can always call an emergency locksmith to help unlock the trunk, retrieve the key and help you regain access to your vehicle.