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Why is it Important to Rekey Your Locks?

Why is it Important to Rekey Your Locks?

Even if you can still account for all the old keys to the locks in your home or commercial enterprise, you still need to rekey the locks for several reasons. It pays to rekey your locks as soon as possible to keep your household and priceless possessions safe.

Once you moved into a new home

It is important to rekey your locks after moving into a new home because the home is not really yours if the previous owner still has spare keys. You shouldn’t be comfortable knowing fully well that some intruders still have access to the locks in your home. Get a professional locksmith such as QuickPro Locksmith to rekey your home, just in case previous occupants still have spare keys to the home.

After losing your keys 

We have all misplaced our car or house keys at one time or the other, but having such keys vanished forever is a different situation. If a stranger finds your missing keys, then your home will remain unsafe and worst scenario is that the stranger may eventually want to try the keys when you are not at home. In order to prevent any possible burglary, give us a call at QuickPro Locksmith to have your exterior door locks rekeyed.

When the keys have stopped working 

You need to keep in mind that door locks and keys will not function forever, for instance, the teeth of the key can become rusty or wear down, thus making it almost impossible to open the lock. Replacing the damaged key should be the one-stop solution to a situation like this, however, you should know that if the key has been compromised due to its age, then the lock would have probably been compromised too, hence it will make a lot of sense to rekey and change the lock. Experts suggest that you should rekey, at least once in every 5 years. 

After a break-in

If your home has been a target of burglary in recent times, it makes some sense to rekey your locks in order to achieve a sense of security. In addition to this, you should have a professional locksmith such as QuickPro Locksmith to inspect and upgrade your lock system, in order to deter intruders or burglars, in the future.  If you have fallen victim to a burglary in recent times, do not hesitate to contact QuickPro Locksmith. 

After a break-up with your partner

Not all breakups usually arise from mutual decisions. In the case of a divorce where you retain the rights to own a home, you will have to consider rekeying, in order to ensure your own safety and the safety of your entire household. You need a rekey service, in order to deny your ex any entrance to a home. 

Contact QuickPro Locksmith for an effortless rekey service that will guarantee peace of mind and it is available at very affordable prices. QuickPro Locksmith can also help you upgrade your entire home security system to deter burglars or intruders.