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Why Your Door Latch is Stuck
Why Your Door Latch is Stuck

Why Your Door Latch is Stuck

Why Your Door Latch is Stuck

Emergencies can happen unannounced especially with mechanical devices. For this reason, you shouldn’t be surprised when the door latch always get stuck! However, the good news is that there are solutions to get the door working again.

In this article, we will analyze three top reasons why your door latch is stuck, plus you will get the solution for each problem. A basic fact is all doors are not the same, and while you can do a DIY door lock repair on some doors, there is need to consult a professional when its complex.

Wrong Strike Plate Alignment

You will likely encounter this issue when opening a closed door. Your strike plate and other components, like the bolt and knob, work together to ensure the door opens. Once there is a misalignment, it can cause the door to jam. 

Possible Causes:

Exposure to moisture will make the door to expand in size. Another reason could be a fault in the home's foundation. 

Expansion of the door due to moisture will affect its closing and opening operations.

Expansion could cause the door's metal latch to fit  differently than the strike plate's hole. Hence, it will require adding force for the latch to align with the hole of the strike plate.


If you are dealing with a door expansion issue due to moisture, you have to unscrew the strike plate and then realign the door latch to the hole. If it is a foundation issue, call a house repair person to fix the problem. 

Jammed Latch

Have you ever tried to open the door and noticed some resistance from the latch? It means you have a jammed latch there. When the latch is jammed, it cannot open and close freely like before. 

Possible Cause: From the surface, the problem is from the doorknob. However, this problem results from grime and dirt stuck in the lock which interferes with the lock mechanism. The dirt or debris blocks the way and causes friction between the other components trying to move in the dirt clog.

Solution: A good recommendation is to loosen the lock and thoroughly clean up the system. You can use vinegar to get effective results. 

Damaged Lock Mechanism

Another reason you might experience a stuck latch are damaged or warn out lock components. The latch bolt might still be moving, but the bolt won't move when you turn the door handle. 

Possible Cause:

It could be that the spindle or knob is broken and has fallen off from the latch, or the lock cylinder is clogged with dirt or damaged. Again, one or more internal components of the door could be broken. 

Solution: If you ever experience issues with the lock mechanism, you should remove and replace the damaged part, but this time with a more quality product.


We have explained the possible reasons why you might have a stuck latch and what you can do to free your locks again. Before applying any DIY procedure, try to understand what’s wrong with the lock. However, if you need a professional locksmith service, the professionals at QuickPro Locksmith are always available. Call us today to help improve the quality of your locks and security.