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5 Signs Your Industrial Doors Need Repair
5 Signs Your Industrial Doors Need Repair

5 Signs Your Industrial Doors Need Repair

5 Signs Your Industrial Doors Need Repair

Criminals will go beyond the ordinary to exploit any security vulnerability in your commercial building. Every business owner or manager should be aware that someone is watching their activities – it could be an employee, a customer, visitors, or passersby. If they notice any weak point, they will break in to steal your valuable equipment, stock, or information. It doesn’t matter the size of your business or operational space, criminals love to take advantage of loopholes in your security.

So how can you ensure that your security is intact and that all equipment, hardware, and employees are safe?

You have to be observant and ready to identify vulnerabilities in your doors and security system. Here are some signs your industrial doors need repair or upgrade.


The door will be out of alignment when the latch isn't sitting properly in the strike plate. As a result, the door will sit crookedly when it is closed. This cannot happen suddenly. However, it is usually a red flag indicating that some components of your door frame have become weak.

Misaligned doors could worsen overtime when neglected. Such weak spots are what criminals look for. With just a little kick, they will have access to your home and do their bidding. Once you notice that your door has slipped out of place, you could try a DIY option or call an expert to fix it.

Frequent Noise

The sudden noise coming from your commercial door may be a result of weak hinges. The metal surfaces of the hinges may be rubbing together because they lack lubrication. Sometimes, the high-pitched squeaking of the door is a build-up of dirt and dust. Whatsoever the case may be, you should understand that your door does not operate in isolation. It is made of up many components that need to work perfectly to ensure your safety. That is why you must have a maintenance routine for your doors, locks, and the entire security system.

The grinding, creaking, or squeaking sounds coming from the door will cease when you maintain it properly.

Non-Functional Commercial Doors

Electrically powered commercial doors may stop working suddenly! The problem may arise due to many reasons;

  • An electrical or mechanical fault at the drive unit.
  • Some functional parts of the door may be worn out or broken
  • Faulty motor
  • An object obstructing the door

If you are struggling to open or close your commercial door, then report to the building management for a fast solution.

Dented or Damaged Door

Doors subjected to vandalism or forced entry could be damaged by impact. This could lead to a poor seal making the door to be partially closed. Apart from long-term usage, another factor that could affect the door is exposure to environmental impact. Irrespective of the cause of the damage, business owners should know that defects in the door attract criminals.

Additionally, you will pay more energy bills when your door frame is damaged. The leakages on the door frame will affect the effectiveness of the air conditioners. That means the damage to your door is not a cosmetic problem but will cost you more when neglected for a long time. Be proactive whenever there is a dent on your door!

Broken Door Panels

The panels of your commercial door could get broken due to excessive use. You don’t have to keep delaying repairs. Call a locksmith for door lock repair to avoid criminals taking advantage of it.


Always run a check on your commercial door to ensure it operates smoothly and efficiently. If there is any sign of damage or malfunction, contact door lock repair experts at QuickPro Locksmith.