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Can a Transponder Key Go Bad?
Can a Transponder Key Go Bad?

Can a Transponder Key Go Bad?

Can a Transponder Key Go ?

The automobile industry has evolved from the use of traditional metal keys to key fobs and transponder keys. As a result, most modern vehicles use transponder keys for access and security control. Although "going bad" is the wrong terminology for this scenario, it is, however, possible for a transponder key to break or fail.

Several factors can be responsible for a failed or broken transponder key. So, before you opt for key replacement services, you should contact an auto locksmith service provider like QuickPro Locksmith to diagnose the cause of your transponder key failure.

Before we look into the possible reasons why your transponder key is failing, we need to understand how transponder keys work.

What are Transponder Keys?

Unlike traditional car keys that are only made up of metals, transponder keys are made using cutting-edge technology. A transponder key has a microchip that transmits radio signals to the responder in your car’s onboard computer. Once, the signal is received, the onboard computer verifies that it is receiving the right signal before allowing you access to your vehicle. If the wrong signal is received, you will not be able to start your car’s ignition.

Transponder keys are uniquely manufactured and programmed to work only with your vehicle. Like every other technology in existence, your transponder key can fail.

Signs That the Transponder Key Failing

Here is some signs that may indicate that your transponder key is failing or malfunctioning:

Ghost Locking

Transponder keys are uniquely built to withstand considerable levels of external pressure. They are not as fragile as your wristwatches or mobile phones. Today, most transponder keys can withstand falling from reasonable heights and can withstand some form of beating.

However, your transponder key will most likely malfunction if dust or moisture gets into it. Your transponder may even work perfectly for some time before it starts locking and unlocking your car on its own.

Drawing Unwanted Attention

Nobody likes drawing unwanted attention to themselves. A faulty transponder key can do this by setting off your car’s alarm system. Hence, causing panic and an embarrassing situation. If your alarm system is triggered unnecessarily, it will disrupt public peace and people will keep staring at you. This scenario can be more embarrassing when you are in a public space.

Vehicle Refusing to Start

If your transponder key won’t start your car’s ignition, then your transponder’s batteries may be completely dead. This is the best-case scenario since all you’ll have to do is change the dead batteries.

If your transponder key won’t work after changing its batteries and reprogramming it, you should contact QuickPro Locksmith for key replacement services.

Final Thoughts

Fixing a broken transponder key should be easy when you are working with an experienced and knowledgeable locksmith. In rare cases, the issue may be from your car’s onboard computer, hence, it would not take us much time to properly diagnose the problem. Our team of highly trained professionals will go beyond the ordinary when reprogramming or fixing your transponder keys. Call now and let us meet and exceed your expectations.