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5 Common home and office security mistakes and how to avoid them

5 Common home and office security mistakes and how to avoid them

According to information provided by the FBI in 2013, they recorded about 1,928,465 burglaries cases and victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property in 2010; overall, the average dollar loss per burglary offense was $2,119. (Source:

The number is outrageous and unbelievable, but it’s real.

A noteworthy point is that most of the burglaries could be prevented if the homeowners were more careful about their security. Burglars search for security vulnerable homes to determine the easiest one to attack. They will definitely skip attacking your home if your security is intact and for that to happen, you have to work with a licensed and professional locksmith company like Quickpro locksmiths. However, your home may be burgled if you keep making the following home security mistakes:

Hiding keys outside.

Hiding your home keys outside is a popular mistake by homeowners. The oldest trick in the book is hiding it under the doormat; that is the first spot a burglar will check. Apart from the doormat, some people may hide their keys on top of the window frames or in the flower pot. You need to know that determined burglars will check out all those places before deciding on forceful entry.

Why do most homeowners hide their keys outside?

This is to give easy access to all occupants of the building. Unfortunately, it is the worst mistake you can make.

The solution is to duplicate the keys so that every occupant will have their copy.

The use of substandard door and window locks

Just by a kick, most doors in our homes will give way. You are most vulnerable if your doors and windows have little or no resistance to pressure and force. Heavy duty doors and quality keys that are installed by an experienced locksmith is your best bet when it comes to home security. You need to make access to your home as difficult as possible to burglars and intruders. Let us come over to your home and do a professional evaluation of your security, so we could recommend the best and cost effective security option to you, contact Quickpro locksmith customer service desk to book an appointment

The use of fake security gadgets

In the past, fake security gadgets like cameras and alarms were used to scare away burglars and intruders. But in recent times, it's been discovered that such tricks don't work because they can easily identify real gadgets from the fake ones

Bushy and untidy environment

Burglars could hide behind untrimmed trees that may block the view of the entire vicinity; they may hide in the bush or beside large objects around your house if they noticed that your security is intact and uneasy to breakthrough. 

You do not want to give them the opportunity of attacking you while opening the door after a hard days work. Therefore, you need to trim the trees and clear the bushes around your house. If you stay in a large compound, you need to keep it clean.

Lack of maintenance of the security system

If you fail to maintain your security system, chances are some of the gadgets may start to malfunction thereby making your home or office vulnerable to burglars and intruders 

Do you want to upgrade your home security or you simply want to evaluate the security system of your home or office, then you need to contact Quickpro Locksmith for the best professional services