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Four ways to upgrade your home security

Four ways to upgrade your home security

The consequences of a porous home security can be devastating to the homeowner because it gives burglars and intruders the opportunity to take away your expensive and valuable properties easily. If you notice that the entrance points to your home are not extremely secured, you need to take action as fast as possible to contact QuickPro Locksmith for an affordable home security upgrade.

Let it be known that you’re potentially inviting burglars if the entry points to your house, i.e., doors and windows can easily give way to the minimum pressure. Just by having a look at your doors and finding out that no one is around, an experienced burglar will be attracted to trying the door handle to know how solid it is. If it is a hollow core door, he can kick to open it easily and cart away with a load of loot.

Are you going to allow thieves to easily steal those valuable properties and jewelry you bought with your hard earned money?  If so, you have to replace them with thousands of dollars!

On the other hand, it is reasonable to upgrade your home security with our recommendations so you could use your savings to invest in other profitable ventures. Locksmith Decatur

1)    Change or improve the quality of your doors

Hollow doors fly open easily by the simplest kick and burglars love it. They are also not good for noise insulation. As a matter of fact, your house is as good as open if you are still using such low-grade doors. Change those doors to solid wood or metal clad door. It makes a lot of sense if your doors can scare away thieves.

2)   Upgrade your locks

If your locks are extremely difficult to open, burglars will not consider giving it a try because it will be a waste of time to them. It's far harder to open commercial grade 1 or 2 deadbolts. Getting quality keys with a secure locking mechanism is an efficient and practical way of securing your home against intruders.

In addition to upgrading your door locks, you need to consider windows that can be locked. Though creeping out a window to gain entrance into the house is hard, but burglars that are determined can give a trial if they find out that the windows are not locked. Installing new locks for both doors and windows are inexpensive if you can secure the services of QuickPro Locksmith.

3)   Improve the security of your perimeter

Illuminating your outdoor with motion sensor lights instead of the ordinary decorative lights is considered as a smart way of securing the entire house. Intruders are deterred when they suspect any resistance to their operations. The triggering of the lights will definitely scare away burglars. If your house is isolated and you live in a high treat area, you can build a fence after obtaining clearance from the county planning office. You can also create an illusion by using timers on your TVs, interior and exterior lights, and radios. This can also be done through a good home automation program. Get in touch with us for more information

4)   Install burglar alarm systems 

To be in control of your home or office security, you can contact us for the installation of intruder alarm systems that are perfect for securing your home. You can get alarms with built-in WiFi so you can control gadgets and lights from your mobile device 

Sometimes, it's hard for home owners to figure out the right way to secure their house against burglars or intruders. In such cases, you can contact us for expert advice and lasting solution that will give you peace of mind.