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A Quick History of Door Locks
A Quick History of Door Locks

A Quick History of Door Locks

A Quick History of Door Locks

Though security systems have evolved and become sophisticated. It would rather be chaotic to imagine a society without the basic door locks. That means unauthorized persons can gain access to exclusive spaces.

The door lock is a simple yet highly effective device for preserving privacy and security. This has made their history rather interesting. From ancient times when the interest was to keep the elements and wild animals at bay, door locks have been symbolic in showcasing humans' creativity and the evolution of security.

Relax and learn more about the rich history of door locks. However, do not hesitate to call QuickPro Locksmith for all your door lock installation needs and security-related issues.

Ancient Origins

Historians can trace primitive forms of locking devices as far back as Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Chinese civilizations, suggesting that the door lock is quite ancient. The first types of locks were simple wooden pegs or even giant bolts and hitches made from metal or wood. The Egyptian pin tumbler lock dates back to about 2000 BC and is the simplest known type of lock. This elegant device was a wooden bolt with pegs that could be moved by turning a key up. Key pegs and bolts were designed so that the bolt could move and open the door depending on the correct alignment of the pegs.

Roman Times

Sophisticated security facilities were required as the Roman Empire progressed. The privileged ones in those days used metal to create both locks and keys. However, these early metal locks are important because they laid the groundwork for even more sophisticated designs that would be manufactured in the centuries to come.

The Renaissance Period's Locksmith Art Development

Locksmithing was no different from other more traditional arts and sciences that were admired during the Renaissance era. To make the lock more intricate and beautiful, locksmiths invented and improved numerous lock types in terms of their conception. Like the current locks, the keys were also heavy because they were bulky in design, made of iron with numerous tumbles and ward mechanisms making locks stronger. The development of the fabled ‘ward’ lock, a lock that has internal barriers, or what is known as wards, defined the Renaissance’s locks.

The Industrial Revolution and Mass Production

The lock industry, like many others, experienced significant changes due to the Industrial Revolution. Locks could be manufactured on an industrial scale using mass-production technologies. As a result, these specialty lock manufacturers emerged, allowing residents, home and business owners to own locks.

Modern Period

Lock technology had much improved in the 20th century with the help of computer designs, security simulation, advanced programming, and materials used. Electronic designs such as keyless electronic touchpads, key cards, and biometrics are advanced features that were introduced with the augmentation of electronic parts to what are essentially mechanical locks. 

Not Satisfied with Your Door Locks?

Currently, there are various types and designs of door locks to satisfy all of the consumer's security and design requirements. If you have concerns about your door locks or security system, the experts from Quickpro Locksmith are eager to deliver exquisite door lock installation services.

Depending on your preference and budget, we can install locks that support wireless connection, remote accessibility, and more.