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5 Easy Ways to Prevent Letterbox Burglaries
5 Easy Ways to Prevent Letterbox Burglaries

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Letterbox Burglaries

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Letterbox Burglaries

Burglaries pose a serious security and safety threat to homeowners. Irrespective of the severity, a burglary attempt should be a concern to any homeowner. From your mailbox to your garage and home, no burglary attempt should be neglected. 

In terms of security, mailboxes could be a convenient point of entry for intruders looking to manipulate locks. That is why we have crafted these five easy methods to help you ensure the mailbox is safe.

  • Set up a Letterbox or Basket

They are right next to the mail slot opening and serve as a barrier. They protect your mail while at the same time, they prevent the intruders from getting through to unlock the door. This simple inclusion is a very good means of protection that could also restrict damages to the mailbox. If you have become a victim of a mailbox burglary attempt, a competent locksmith could be of help.

  • Get a Letterbox with a Draft Blocker

It does more than just keep the cold air out; it also limits the size of the opening hence making it harder for intruders to use tools to reach inside. Select a mail slot that has a draft blocker which provides extra security.

  • Install a Letterbox Restrictor

This is very useful in controlling access to your mail slot. You’d experience its usefulness when you are away for so long. It will restrict people from putting their hands or tools through the slot. 

  • Install a Lockable External Mailbox

Think about putting your outside mailbox far from your front door. Frequently made of robust materials that are difficult to get into, these mailboxes may be secured with a lock. As a result, this keeps your mail safe and removes the mailbox from being a potential entry point for intruders.

  • Regularly Check Your Mailbox

A bulging mailbox is evidence you are not at home, thus your house would be more prone to burglaries. Form the habit of checking your mailbox regularly or ask a neighbor to do it when you are not at home. 

Understanding Letterbox Burglary: Why it Matters

Letterbox burglary may appear as a minor issue, but its consequences could be enormous.

  • Identity Theft: 

The mail usually has confidential information such as bank statements, credit card numbers, and social security numbers. If such confidential information goes into the wrong hands they happen to be in the wrong hands, you could lose a lot through identity theft.

  • Financial Loss: 

Checks, money orders, and gift cards are all the items that attract thieves. The disappearance of these items might lead to significant financial troubles.

  • Disrupted Communication: 

Important documents, legal notices, or overdue bills can be taken, leading to missed deadlines, late fees, and legal issues.

  • Peace of Mind: 

A breached mail slot can be the cause of stress and anxiety. The fact that your mail is not safe should give you a feeling of insecurity.

Let a Professional fix your Mailbox

Securing your mailbox is the first step to protecting your home. You can go through this article once again to understand all the suggested steps. However, bear in mind that our locksmiths can help to improve or upgrade your mailbox and home security systems. Contact us at Quickpro Locksmith for assistance.