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Ways to Upgrade Your Business Security

Ways to Upgrade Your Business Security

Modern business owners have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do you have to manage the daily operations and financial health of the company, you also must shoulder the security of your assets and the safety of anyone located on your property. In our litigious society, one robbery can put everything on the line. Having subpar security in place could put you at risk for losing valuable property and facing lawsuits for personal injury or emotional suffering caused to staff or employees that were present at the time. Unfortunately, criminals have easier access to businesses than ever before. Lock picking tools, bump keys and electronic hacking techniques are widely available and used to quickly bypass traditional forms of security, leaving behind no trace of forced entry. At QuickPro Locksmith, we’ve helped countless business owners in Atlanta, Brookhaven, Tucker, Smyrna, Stone Mountain and other Metro area communities upgrade their security with our premium commercial services. We want to offer a few tips that can help you protect your business from break ins.  Locksmith Atlanta

Avoid Attracting Criminal Activity with Outdoor Lighting and Cameras

Many criminals will target areas that are well hidden. If your building is in an isolated area of town, with minimal traffic and no street lights, then there is a much higher probability that a thief will attempt to break into your building. Warehouses and office buildings located away from populated areas can sometimes be extremely vulnerable. Install bright lights in your parking lot, and place security cameras at all entrances.

Install High Quality Locks on All Entrances and Work with Reliable Locksmiths 

Traditional pin and tumbler locks are very susceptible to lock picking. The internet now has thousands of tutorials that explain how to use simple, inexpensive tools to break through these kinds of locks. Thankfully, lock manufacturers have fought back by creating more complex cylinders that are highly resistant to lock picking and bump keys. Find a reputable, experienced local locksmith that can install modern commercial grade high security locks.

Install a Proper Security System that Includes Video Monitoring 

Use a high-quality alarm and security system and don’t be shy about making it obvious. Post signs from the security company on retail store windows and post signs stating that you are visually monitoring the building. Not only will this deter crime, but if a break in were to take place, you would have evidence of forced entry. This can provide significant help in getting your insurance claims approved and improve your chances of prosecuting the thieves after the fact. Having a security system can also keep internal theft at bay, because employees will be aware that they won’t get away with stealing inventory or cash from the register. 

Use Advanced Technology to Protect Rooms That Contain Valuable Items or Information

If you have highly valuable inventory, a cash drop safe or file cabinets with sensitive customer data, add an extra layer of protection by storing these items in a separate office or room with advanced locking systems. While it may be impossible for entrance areas to have biometric or RFID enabled lock systems, an office space can. While other managers and employees have key access to highly trafficked areas of the building, your most important assets can be further protected by ensuring only those at the highest levels can enter the room. 

Looking for Quality Commercial Lock Specialists Near Atlanta, GA? Call QuickPro Locksmith 

Do you own a local Atlanta area business? If you’re looking for affordable ways to upgrade your current security, call the experienced professionals at QuickPro Locksmith. We offer a wide range of commercial services including biometric, RFID and high security lock system installation, panic bar repair and replacement, lockout services and more. Contact our office today to find out what we can do for you.