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Common Signs and Causes of Transponder Key Failure
Common Signs and Causes of Transponder Key Failure

Common Signs and Causes of Transponder Key Failure

Common Signs and Causes of Transponder Key Failure

Gone are the days when vehicle thieves use hot wiring, a screwdriver, or a cut-out key to steal a vehicle – thanks to technological advancement and the introduction of transponder keys. Transponder keys have taken automobile security to the next level by helping to prevent theft.

While the introduction of transponder keys is a thoughtful security measure taken by the automobile car manufacturers, it can also backfire when your transponder key starts misbehaving. In this article, we will talk about the common signs and causes of a transponder key failure.

How Does a Transponder Key Work?

We must first understand how a transponder key works to determine the common causes of a transponder key failure. Basically, a transponder key contains an electronic chip inside the head of the key that uses the Radio Frequency Identification model.

When you insert your transponder key, the car engine system sends a programmed signal to the transponder key. Once the transponder key receives this signal, it replies with a series of codes that matches the signal which starts the car engine.

Signs of a Bad Transponder Key

  • Locking Problems

One noticeable sign of transponder failure is inconsistent locking. You will have trouble locking or unlocking your car remotely. The transponder key will cease to work until you repeatedly press the lock button. Once you notice this, do not hesitate to take it to a locksmith.

  • The car Engine Won’t Start

Another sign of transponder key failure is that your car will refuse to start right away. Remember we said earlier that the transponder key responds to the signal sent by the car before the engine can start. When your transponder key starts having issues, it will have trouble sending the right codes to the car engine. If you notice your car doesn't start at the first attempt and will need several attempts before it starts, that’s a transponder key failure that needs to be attended to by an auto locksmith.

  • The Alarm System Keeps Going Off

If your car emergency signal goes off without any visible cause and won’t stop even when you try turning it off, then you have a transponder key failure.

Causes of Transponder Key Failure

Weak Batteries:

The most common cause of a transponder key failure is the batteries. Since a transponder key is an electronic device, it relies on batteries to power it on. If the battery is weak, the transponder key will start to malfunction. Always try to change the batteries of your transponder key every year or when it is weak.


Another reason a transponder key will stop working is when it is submerged in water. If you've mistakenly spilled water on your key, then that may likely be the culprit.

Also, a transponder key is specifically programmed to a car, including the parts. So, changing sensitive parts of your car may cause a transponder key failure.

Get in Touch With a Professional for Transponder Key Replacement

There are various reasons your transponder key may fail therefore, it is best to contact a professional at QuickPro Locksmith. With our exceptionally quality services, we will help you save time and money instead of going to the dealership. Call our dependable locksmith today to help resolve your transponder key issues quicker than you ever would have imagined.