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Are Motion Sensors a Good Investment?
Are Motion Sensors a Good Investment?

Are Motion Sensors a Good Investment?

Are Motion Sensors a Good Investment?

These days, for your security to be effective, you don’t have to pay increasing bills by allowing your floodlights to keep running from dusk to dawn. All you need to save energy costs is to install an automatic system that controls your lights, water, and HVAC systems. Therefore, installing motion sensors will go a long way in saving costs and strengthening your security system. Before knowing if an investment in motion sensors is worth the while, we’d like to help you understand how a motion detector works.

Motion Sensor

A motion sensor is an electronic device designed to automatically get activated when it detects movement from people or objects. The older versions of the motion sensors were designed to only illuminate a given space when it detects the movement of persons. However, newer versions can light up the area as well as send alerts to security systems.

Homeowners can use them to monitor their kids by dimming or turning off the lights when no one is around. This can be effective in monitoring your home remotely. While a business owner can conveniently get alerts when there are movements in sensitive areas.

Types of Motion Sensors

  • PIR Sensors

Passive Infrared, or PIR sensors, are a popular type of sensor specifically for sensing humans or animals. The sensors detect when a warm body like a human or animal passes. It checks the intensity before activating other systems.

  • Microwave Sensors

Is a specialized motion sensor that emits microwave signals and measures the time taken for the signal to be reflected by the sensor. They are designed to see through walls and are used by commercial facilities for many applications. The configuration integrates a detection zone that activates the sensors when there is a movement of objects.

  • Ultrasonic Sensors

They are motion detectors that function by generating or sensing ultrasound energy. Though outdated, some establishments are using them to detect the proximity of threatening objects.           

Here are other reasons you should invest in an effective motion detector.

Advanced Business Security Systems

Motion sensors are still applicable and useful in business security systems. Basically, motion sensors are meant to help homes and business establishments detect any intrusion attempt. Yes, you should have a variety of methods of protection like cameras and alarms, however, a sensor is for preventive purposes.

A burglar would be scared if he knows that a protected perimeter has detectors that can trigger alarms and also notifies the authorities. Professional burglars can manipulate security systems without sensors easily. Though they may be detected during an investigation, your focus should be to prevent their occurrence. If you want a comprehensive security system for your business, we recommend you integrate a PIR or microwave sensor.

Reduced False Alarm

Some antagonists to the usage of motion sensors believe that it propagates false alarms and it is usually a distraction to business operations. That may be a valid argument for older versions of motion detectors.

However, today’s motion sensors are a lot smarter than you think. These new products can differentiate between the movement of animals like mice and individuals. Therefore, you will not experience false alarms but can only get notifications when there is a proper threat.

Your High-End Commercial Space Needs A Motion Sensor!

Let us help you to detect intrusion into your commercial space by installing an effective motion sensor. The expert locksmiths at QuickPro Locksmith can install door/window contacts and glass break sensors to give you the peace of mind that your investment is secured.